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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 45.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Maniac come to know even the people he never met in Two Mills?
(a) From the things in their backyards.
(b) By listening to the stories of the children.
(c) By asking around.
(d) By listening to people speak in the corner stores.

2. What does Maniac do for Grayson after he reads his first book?
(a) Maniac cooks for him.
(b) Maniac takes him out to dinner.
(c) Maniac gives him another book.
(d) Maniac sends him home.

3. What is the most perilous feat that the McNab boys ask Maniac to perform?
(a) To play against "Hands" Down.
(b) To go to the East End.
(c) To challenge Mars Bar.
(d) To kill a snake.

4. What is Maniac concerned about in regard to the book he has gotten from Amanda?
(a) If he should give it back to Amanda at all.
(b) If he should buy another one.
(c) If he should give it to Mars Bar.
(d) If he should mend the ripped page.

5. Who comes running up to Maniac after the race with Mars Bar is over?
(a) Amanda.
(b) "Hands" Down.
(c) Russell and Piper.
(d) Hester and Lester.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why doesn't McNab want to pitch to Maniac?

2. What does McNab decide to do to Maniac in retaliation for the baseball incident?

3. Who is Brian Denehy?

4. What does John McNab do to the Green Sox team at the Little League game?

5. What/Who does Maniac wait for in the cabin in Valley Forge?

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