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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 45.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Maniac convince Mars Bar to go to the West End?
(a) He threatens Mars Bar.
(b) He tells Mars Bar that he isn't as bad as he thinks he is.
(c) He bribes Mars Bar.
(d) He calls Mars Bar a sissy.

2. What changes in the Beale household now that Maniac is there?
(a) Amanda takes baths again with the children.
(b) The children are better behaved.
(c) The yellow bucket is used more.
(d) The children start to tie their own shoes.

3. How does Maniac respond when Grayson asks him about attending school?
(a) Maniac says if he makes him go, Maniac will run away.
(b) Maniac says he would like to go but he never has.
(c) Maniac says that school would be a good daytime home for him.
(d) Maniac says he hates school and will never go back.

4. Why does Amanda stay up late the night of her argument with Maniac?
(a) He left and has not come home, so she waits for him.
(b) She had kicked the dog and hurt him.
(c) She is crying and can't sleep.
(d) She is too angry to sleep.

5. Why do the other children want to touch Maniac after he speaks with whoever answered Finsterwald's door?
(a) They want to congratulate him.
(b) They want to see if he is cold.
(c) They want to touch a famous person.
(d) They think Maniac might be a ghost.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why doesn't Maniac leave the McNab boys when they drive him crazy?

2. What legendary feat does Mars Bar perform for the Pickwell children?

3. What is the most perilous feat that the McNab boys ask Maniac to perform?

4. Where does Maniac make his bedroom now that June is almost here?

5. What does Maniac want from Amanda at the end of Chapter 13 that she won't give him?

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