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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 45.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Amanda's mom act when she first meets Maniac?
(a) She yells at them about the book being torn.
(b) She embarrasses Amanda with stories Amanda told her.
(c) She continues cleaning and ignores them.
(d) She is overly thrilled at meeting the famous Maniac.

2. What can Maniac hear even further away than before, now that he is not living in any particular home in chapter 43?
(a) The train whistle.
(b) Kids playing in the park.
(c) Mrs. Pickwell's whistle.
(d) Amanda's bicycle bell.

3. How does Maniac convince the boys to go back to Two Mills?
(a) He tells them their parents are looking for them.
(b) He tells them he is Maniac.
(c) He tells them he is a cop.
(d) Free pizza.

4. What do the Cobras come to do in the McNab house?
(a) Drink beer and play football.
(b) Drink beer and play cards.
(c) Drink soda and play video games.
(d) Drink soda and play football.

5. What does Maniac do for fifteen minutes before completing the knot?
(a) He drinks an orange soda.
(b) He prays.
(c) He reads a book.
(d) He takes a nap.

Short Answer Questions

1. How long do Maniac and Mars Bar run together before the morning Piper comes screaming down the street?

2. After leaving the East End, where does Maniac stay?

3. What happens to Amanda for the first and only time in Chapter 3?

4. What gift does Maniac bring Piper?

5. What last thing does Maniac do before he leaves the band shell?

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