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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 40.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Maniac stop crossing the Schuylkill?
(a) It is frozen and dangerous.
(b) He is tired of going back and forth.
(c) He wants to head in a different direction.
(d) It reminds him of his parents' death.

2. Why doesn't Maniac leave the McNab boys when they drive him crazy?
(a) He is afraid that they will rot completely without him.
(b) He is afraid that they will follow him.
(c) He is afraid that they will run away again.
(d) He is afraid that they will cry.

3. Why does Mars Bar hate Maniac at the end of Chapter 38?
(a) Nobody is there to see Mars Bar win.
(b) Maniac refuses to participate.
(c) Maniac humiliates him.
(d) Maniac wins.

4. After leaving the East End, where does Maniac stay?
(a) At the zoo with the buffalos.
(b) Back at the deer shed.
(c) With his aunt and uncle.
(d) On a park bench.

5. What strategy does Grayson use to help him learn to read?
(a) He memorizes a few consonants at a time.
(b) He equates reading to baseball.
(c) He only works with the vowels at first.
(d) He has Maniac use baseball terms.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Russell and Piper fear has happened to Maniac while in the East End?

2. Where have the two boys gotten their food?

3. How do the Pickwells know when it is dinnertime?

4. It is such a hot August day that the kids decide to play in what?

5. What is the big question at the Pickwell dinner table on the night they eat spaghetti in Chapter 6?

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