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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 40.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the McNab brothers do when they discover that they were actually with Maniac--the famous guy?
(a) They laugh very hard.
(b) They tell Maniac to leave.
(c) Thye cry.
(d) They beat up Maniac because of what he did to John.

2. What does Maniac do as a feat with the freight train?
(a) Stand in front of it for thirty seconds.
(b) Hop on it.
(c) Beat it to the next stop on one rail.
(d) Get a ride without paying.

3. What do Grayson and Maniac buy at Woolworths?
(a) A blackboard and chalk.
(b) Picture books.
(c) A baseball glove.
(d) An alphabet poster.

4. What happens at the school musical?
(a) Maniac screams for a long time.
(b) Maniac sings badly.
(c) Manaic sings beautifully.
(d) Aunt Dot asks Uncle Dan for a divorce.

5. What does Maniac do to make McNab pitch the ball to him?
(a) He insults McNab.
(b) He takes a hat off another player.
(c) He stands at the bag and waits.
(d) He challenges McNab.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who comes running up to Maniac after the race with Mars Bar is over?

2. What story does Maniac tell to help John with his brothers?

3. Why are Hester, Lester, and Amanda keeping Maniac from going home early one morning in Chapter 17?

4. What does the big black man shout about on that hot August day in chapter 17?

5. It is such a hot August day that the kids decide to play in what?

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