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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 40.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Grayson give to Maniac for Christmas?
(a) His old baseball glove.
(b) A book about Willie Mays.
(c) A cookbook.
(d) A bed.

2. How do the Pickwells know when it is dinnertime?
(a) Mrs. Pickwell rings a bell.
(b) Mrs. Pickwell sends the dog for them.
(c) Mrs. Pickwell whistles.
(d) Mrs. Pickwell hollers for them.

3. What does "Hands" Down do in regard to Maniac that makes the older kids upset?
(a) He laughs at the older kids when Maniac beats them.
(b) He tells the older kids that Maniac does not like them.
(c) He laughs that Maniac is his friend and not theirs.
(d) He brags to the older kids about Maniac.

4. What deal does Maniac first make with the McNab boys about school?
(a) If they go, he will show them the shortcut to Mexico.
(b) If they go, he will show them how to read.
(c) If they go, he will feed them pizza daily.
(d) If they go, he will show Finsterwald's backyard.

5. What position did Grayson play?
(a) Catcher.
(b) Right Field.
(c) First Base.
(d) Pitcher.

Short Answer Questions

1. How long is the challenge for in Finsterwald's backyard?

2. With what is Finsterwald's backyard filled?

3. Why does Carson scratch Maniac's skin?

4. Who specifically has tried to untie the knot before Maniac?

5. What does John believe is going to happen at some point with the East Enders?

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