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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 25 | Chapter 26.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What doesn't Maniac do in his new home at the Beales?
(a) Read to the children.
(b) Sleep in his bed.
(c) Take out the trash.
(d) Wash the dishes.

2. What did Grayson want to grow up to be?
(a) A zoo keeper.
(b) A baseball player.
(c) A park ranger.
(d) A restaurant owner.

3. Why doesn't Maniac go to Grayson's room at the YMCA?
(a) He doesn't want anyone to see and recognize him.
(b) He doesn't want to bring trouble to the old man.
(c) He is afraid of Grayson.
(d) He is afraid of the YMCA.

4. Why does Grayson take Maniac to the equipment room?
(a) So Grayson can become famous for saving Maniac.
(b) To give Maniac a new baseball bat.
(c) To hide Maniac from the black kids.
(d) Maniac has passed out.

5. With what does Mars Bar Thompson challenge Maniac?
(a) A baseball bat.
(b) A candy bar.
(c) A neighborhood woman.
(d) His fist.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Carson scratch Maniac's skin?

2. It is such a hot August day that the kids decide to play in what?

3. What is the name of McNab's gang?

4. How long does Maniac stay with his aunt and uncle?

5. What is Maniac concerned about in regard to the book he has gotten from Amanda?

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