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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 41.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What story does Maniac change in telling to the Pickwells?
(a) The one about "Hands" Down and the punt.
(b) The one about Russell and the trolley.
(c) The one about Maniac running backwards and beating Mars Bar.
(d) The one about the fire hydrant party.

2. What does Mars Bar Thompson take from Maniac?
(a) His hat.
(b) A candy bar.
(c) Amanda's book.
(d) A football.

3. What do Maniac and Grayson do right after Thanksgiving dinner?
(a) Sleep.
(b) Play cards.
(c) Play baseball.
(d) Dance the polka.

4. Why does Amanda stay up late the night of her argument with Maniac?
(a) She is too angry to sleep.
(b) She had kicked the dog and hurt him.
(c) He left and has not come home, so she waits for him.
(d) She is crying and can't sleep.

5. What last thing does Maniac do before he leaves the band shell?
(a) He throws out all of Grayson's belongings.
(b) He empties it.
(c) He destroys it.
(d) He paints over the number 101.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Grayson curious about that he asks Maniac while Maniac eats at the diner?

2. Why does Maniac bring Mars Bar to Piper's birthday party?

3. How long is the challenge for in Finsterwald's backyard?

4. What deal does Maniac first make with the McNab boys about school?

5. Who specifically has tried to untie the knot before Maniac?

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