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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 33.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What changes in the Beale household now that Maniac is there?
(a) The yellow bucket is used more.
(b) Amanda takes baths again with the children.
(c) The children are better behaved.
(d) The children start to tie their own shoes.

2. What does Maniac do for fifteen minutes before completing the knot?
(a) He drinks an orange soda.
(b) He reads a book.
(c) He prays.
(d) He takes a nap.

3. What last thing does Maniac do before he leaves the band shell?
(a) He throws out all of Grayson's belongings.
(b) He paints over the number 101.
(c) He destroys it.
(d) He empties it.

4. What causes the red bumps to surface on Maniac's body?
(a) Chicken Pox.
(b) Mumps.
(c) Pizza.
(d) Poison Ivy.

5. What does Mr. Cobble use the knot for?
(a) As a conversation piece.
(b) To tie leftover string pieces.
(c) As a site seeing object.
(d) To draw in business.

Short Answer Questions

1. What doesn't Maniac do in his new home at the Beales?

2. What does Mrs. Beale finally ask Maniac one day while he is licking icing?

3. Why doesn't Maniac stay in the band shell after Grayson's death?

4. What won't Maniac do for food?

5. What is the first book Grayson reads cover to cover?

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