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Maniac Madness

Have students write a synonym for maniac on an index card. Once everyone has one, eliminate any duplicates. With the remainder of the cards, have students line up around the room placing the card and holder in varying degrees of the word maniac. Have them start with the word that is most synonymous to the word maniac and then move in degrees around the room until the last word is the word that is least synonymous. Discuss choices as the game proceeds.

Magees versus McNabs

Using a Nerf football, have a game of Magees versus McNabs. Use trivia questions from the novel to create passes and touchdowns.

Maniac Art

Illustrate a favorite scene from the novel. Write a paragraph explaining the choice. Add a challenge: since Picasso was a "maniac" of sorts, show students a Picasso painting and then challenge them to illustrate their favorite scene...

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