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Raymond E. Feist
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Short Answer Questions

1. What does the Duke tell Lyam and Brucal?

2. Why does Brucal come into Lyam's tent?

3. What is in the room that Pug and the others enter at the servant's bidding?

4. Why is Arutha angry with Lyam?

5. What happens to Kasumi in Midkemia?

Short Essay Questions

1. Sum up, briefly what happened to Kasumi, Martin, Arutha, Pug and Amos.

2. What is to be done about Guy du Bas-Tyra and what does Guy do?

3. Where do Kasumi and Laurie go and what happens when they first arrive there?

4. What happens when Milamber first arrives at the Shinzawai Lords house?

5. What happens after Milamber makes it through the rift?

6. What does Lyam tell his brother and sister in a message and what doesn't he tell them?

7. What happens when Milamber gets angry at the arena?

8. What does Macros' note explain about himself and interrupting the peace negotiations?

9. What does Macros tell Thomas?

10. What does Lyam do about the Tsurani once King Rodric dies?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In chapter 10 when Kasumi and Laurie finally manage an audience with King Rodric, they realize the king is either insane or so ill that he cannot carry out his royal duties. Discuss the following:

1. How does King Rodric's mental and/or physical health impact the hope for peace with the Tsurani?

2. A number of insane rulers have been tolerated in the "real" world who have wrecked havoc with their people's lives and country's well being. Should a king/queen retain sovereignty if it is obvious they are not fit to rule?

3. Why do you think insane rulers are often allowed to make poor decisions that affect a great number of people?

Essay Topic 2

Amos Trask is a former pirate who commits many crimes during his days of piracy. Discuss the following:

1. Amos is pardoned for his crimes by Lyam when Lyam becomes king. Does this seem fair that Amos can just be forgiven his past because he helped Arutha and Anita?

2. Should a king or President or other head of state have the right of pardon? Why or why not.

3. Is there a place in the legal system for pardons? Argue for or against the idea.

Essay Topic 3

The ultimate success of a book hinges on many factors. A book such as Magician, Master is difficult to gage its success because it is one in a series of books about Midkemia. Nonetheless, there are some aspects of any book that must be rendered well in order for it to be considered a successful work of fiction. Discuss the following:

1. What are some aspects of the book that contribute to it being a successful novel? Give examples.

2. What are some aspects of the book that should be changed to make it an even more successful novel? Give examples.

3. Discuss five aspects of any work of fiction that need to be present and done well to make it a successful novel.

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