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Raymond E. Feist
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through chapter 5-6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who were the Valheru?
(a) A race of advanced beings.
(b) The ancient Gods who made the people.
(c) A race of fearsome warriors.
(d) A class of small dragons.

2. What will the Tsurani add to the war in the spring?
(a) Two new families.
(b) The Emperor's guard.
(c) About 10,000 new troops.
(d) A new overall general of the army.

3. Why can't they leave Krondor right away?
(a) The crew has disappeared.
(b) Arutha wants to wait for Guy.
(c) Arutha has to see the king.
(d) The boat needs repairs.

4. What relation is the Great One to Komatsu?
(a) His cousin.
(b) His son.
(c) His brother.
(d) His father.

5. What does Milamber find as he finishes his final task?
(a) His son.
(b) His wal.
(c) His purpose.
(d) His wife.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Milamber's true name in the Tsurani tongue mean?

2. Why do people search out the magic items that belonged to the Valheru?

3. Who is waiting at the place the boy takes Arutha?

4. What do the crew members do after they make it through the bad area?

5. What has happened to the flags the Tsurani fly?

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