Objects & Places from Magician, Master

Raymond E. Feist
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Midkemia - Referred to as the Kingdom. It is Pug and Laurie's home world.

Rift - The opening that joins the Midkemians and Tsuranis world together.

Ashen-Shugar's Armor - The Armor given to Thomas as a boy by the Dragon.

Straights of Darkness - Deadly sea passage that Amos, Prince Arutha, Martin and the rest of the crew must navigate to get to Krondor to ask for assistance against the Tsurani warriors.

Crydee - Kingdom where Pug was from and the westernmost province ruled by Duke Borric.

Krondor - Kingdom where Prince Erland rules. Prince Arutha goes there to ask for troops and finds Guy du Bas-Tyra has taken control of the city.

Macro's Staff - These are used by Kulgan, Pug and Macros to close the rift.

Sorcerer's Isle - The home of Macros the magician. He leaves an explanation for the things that occurred here...

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