Magician, Master Character Descriptions

Raymond E. Feist
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Pug - He has connections to many of the characters in the book but doesn't appear in every chapter.

Thomas - When he was a boy he was given magic items that once belonged to an ancient Valheru named Ashen-Shugar.

Martin Longbow - The Huntmaster of the Kingdom, he is the illegitimate son of Duke Borric. He has an option to claim the throne but defers to his younger brother.

Macros - A mysterious magician that shows up to help the people of Midkemian at different places throughout the story.

Laurie - A Midkemian musician, he teaches Kasumi the ways of the Midkemians and helps to bring the offer of peace to King Rodric. He is Pug's good friend.

Guy du Bas-Tyra - The cousin of Arutha and Lyam. He takes the Prince of Krondor captive trying to claim the throne. The Prince dies in the dungeon...

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