Magician, Master Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Raymond E. Feist
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Chapter 1-2

• The story opens with Pug and Laurie working in the swamp where they are slaves to the Tsurani.

• Pug is from the land called Midkemia and was an apprentice to a sorcerer but doesn't tell anyone.

• Anyone that is not Tsurani is called barbarian. The overseer is named Nogamu although he is a slave too.

• Pug and Laurie cut a rotten tree which pushes Pug in the water. Laurie tries to save him and Nogamu wants to punish Laurie for that.

• A Tsurani comes by and openly rebukes Nogamu.
• Nogamu sneaks into Pug and Laurie's tent to kill them but that take his knife and stab him.

• The same Tsurani who had rebuked Nogamu earlier came by, saved the boys and hanged Nogamu.

• The Tsurani is the son of the owner and asks the boys who should be the new overseer.

• They tell him of a...

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