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Short Answer Questions

1. Who tells Anna there is nothing to fear?

2. Who is the cap maker?

3. Who is caught cheating at their game?

4. Which character is an alcoholic?

5. What is the locksmith trying to fix?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who likes to tease Nastya and what does he tease her about?

2. What are the positives and negatives that the boarders talk about regarding Anna's death?

3. What new information does Luka give the Actor about alcoholism?

4. What do all the characters relate goodness to?

5. What is wrong with the Actor?

6. What does Luka say when Pepel asks him if there is a God?

7. What does Satine say in the longest speech?

8. What is Kleshtch working on in the fourth act?

9. What does Pepel profess to Natasha?

10. What happens when the Baron threatens to strike Nastya?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

A lot of details about the opening set are given by the writer. Describe the opening set. Analyze how this set plays a major role in setting the mood for the play. How does this set complement the characters of the play?

Essay Topic 2

Write about when Kostilyoff comes looking for his wife at the boarding house in the first act. Why does he come there looking for her? Do you believe that Pepel really didn't know Kostilyoff's intentions? What are the other characters' responses?

Essay Topic 3

Write about the exchange between Vassilisa and Pepel and the exchange they had in the second act. What is Vassilisa's initial question to Pepel and what is his response? What business arrangement does she propose to him? Does Pepel accept it?

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