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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the third act, Luka asks the other boarders why they tease who?
(a) Vassilisa.
(b) Anna.
(c) Nastya.
(d) Natasha.

2. What does Kleshtch say about Luka?
(a) Calls him merciful.
(b) Calls him annoying.
(c) Calls him good.
(d) Calls him old.

3. What does the new setting look like in the third act?
(a) Garbage and weeds.
(b) Appliances and table and chairs.
(c) Doctors and nurses.
(d) Just white walls.

4. Who mocks Satine for telling all of his stories?
(a) The Baron.
(b) Kostilyoff.
(c) Tartar.
(d) The Actor.

5. Who notices the mistake in the love story?
(a) The Baron and the Actor.
(b) Bubnoff and the Baron.
(c) Satine and the Actor.
(d) Bubnoff and Satine.

6. Why does Luka think that Kleshtch is upset in act three?
(a) He is sick.
(b) His broken heart.
(c) He is tired.
(d) His loss of work.

7. Who has the view that the world needs its fictioned?
(a) Satine.
(b) The Actor.
(c) Bubnoff.
(d) Luka.

8. In Luka's second story, what was the man in search of?
(a) His wife.
(b) Riches.
(c) His child.
(d) Land of righteousness.

9. What is the second thing mentioned missing from the set?
(a) Screwdriver.
(b) Hammer.
(c) Anvil.
(d) Tape measure.

10. What does Tartar say about Luka?
(a) He calls Luka good.
(b) He calls Luka a liar.
(c) He calls Luka old.
(d) He calls Luka annoying.

11. Who wants to know why Natasha has not finished her kitchen duties?
(a) Kostilyoff.
(b) Satine.
(c) The Actor.
(d) Vassilisa.

12. Who do the boarders think has gone mad since Anna's death?
(a) Pepel.
(b) Kleshtch.
(c) Satine.
(d) Kostilyoff.

13. Who states that a certain fear has always fogged his brain?
(a) Satine.
(b) The Baron.
(c) The Actor.
(d) Tartar.

14. Who likens himself to something that grows in fertile ground?
(a) Satine.
(b) Kostilyoff.
(c) Luka.
(d) The Actor.

15. Who says, "All men deserve respect, not pity"?
(a) Kostilyoff.
(b) Satine.
(c) The Actor.
(d) The Baron.

Short Answer Questions

1. Whose room was the first thing mentioned missing from?

2. What mistake did the storyteller have while telling the story in the third act?

3. Who listens to the love story through a boardinghouse window?

4. What does Luka believe about kindness?

5. Who does the Baron tell to hush up?

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