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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What season is it in the opening of the play?
(a) Winter.
(b) Summer.
(c) Spring.
(d) Fall.

2. What are the boarders saying is the positive thing about Anna's death?
(a) She is no longer suffering.
(b) They will have more room.
(c) It will be much quieter for sleeping.
(d) It will cost them less money in groceries.

3. There were two characters that watched the others play cards. Which name below names one of the characters watching the others play cards?
(a) The Actor.
(b) Natasha.
(c) Nastya.
(d) Vassilisa.

4. Who takes Anna outside to get some air when she has her coughing fit?
(a) Vassilisa.
(b) The actor.
(c) Bubnoff.
(d) Satine.

5. Where is Pepel told to run off to?
(a) Africa.
(b) Ukraine.
(c) Siberia.
(d) Australia.

6. Who feels that Luka tells pleasant lies to make people feel better?
(a) Pepel.
(b) Bubnoff.
(c) Satine.
(d) The Baron.

7. What does the writer say that the opening set is similar to?
(a) A cave-like cellar.
(b) A pizza parlor.
(c) A hospital.
(d) A backyard.

8. There were two characters that played cards. Which name from the names below name one of the card-playing characters?
(a) The Actor.
(b) Bubnoff.
(c) Kostilyoff.
(d) Satine.

9. What is in the center of the room of the first set?
(a) Wooden table and a pair of benches.
(b) Large Russian Stove.
(c) Bookshelf.
(d) A water fountain.

10. Who sits and talks with Anna at the beginning of the second act?
(a) Luka.
(b) Natasha.
(c) Nastya.
(d) Satine.

11. What is one of the things that divides the opening set into rooms?
(a) Papers.
(b) Windows.
(c) Kleenex.
(d) Curtains.

12. What does the vendor of baked meat pies say that they would not do for a hundred baked lobster?
(a) Marry again.
(b) Cook another meal.
(c) Go back to school.
(d) Have another child.

13. There were two characters that played checkers. Which name below names one of the characters playing checkers?
(a) Miedviedieff.
(b) Satine.
(c) Kostilyoff.
(d) The Actor.

14. How is the alcoholic told to prepare himself to go to the hospital?
(a) Stop drinking so much.
(b) Say goodbye to family.
(c) Change his clothes.
(d) No eating.

15. Which character is wondering who beat him up the previous day?
(a) Kostilyoff.
(b) The Actor.
(c) The Baron.
(d) Satine.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Andrei say that he thinks Kvashnya will end up marrying?

2. Who is reminded that he must repay his debts in this life, not the afterlife?

3. Which character is an alcoholic?

4. Who says that the deaf do not hear?

5. How are the two part owners of the location of the first set related?

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