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Act 1

• The opening set is a cave-like stone cellar.

• The opening set is of a rooming house.

• The rooming house is run by Mikhail Ivanoff Kostilyoff and his wife Vassilisa Karpovna.

• The rooming house looks like a prison cell.

• Kvashyna, a vendor of baked lobsters, says she wouldn't marry again.

• Andrei Mitritch Kleshtch is a locksmith.

• Bubnoff is a cap maker.

• Nastya is a street walker for a living.

• Nastya reads romance novels and the Baron teases her for it.

• Anna Kleshtch has been beaten by her husband her entire married life.

• Anna is dying a slow and painful death due to the years of abuse.

• Kvashnya offers Anna food that Anna turns around and offers to her husband.

• Kleshtch tells the Actor it is his turn to sweep the floor.

• The Actor argues that it is the Baron's turn to sweep the floor.

• Satine tells a familiar...

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