Look Me in the Eye: My Life with Asperger's Test | Final Test - Easy

John Elder Robison
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does John say his second marriage was different from his first?
(a) More contentious.
(b) More disastrous.
(c) More dramatic.
(d) More successful.

2. What explains this difference?
(a) His second wife had Asperger's syndrome as well.
(b) His second wife understood his condition.
(c) His second wife was a musician.
(d) His second wife was younger than him.

3. What does John say changed after he learned he had Asperger's syndrome?
(a) He took drugs that eased his tensions.
(b) He apologized to his wife more.
(c) He prayed more often.
(d) He tried to look people in the eye more.

4. What business did John finally find success in?
(a) Investing.
(b) Real estate.
(c) Sound design.
(d) Car renovation.

5. What does John say he didn't like?
(a) Things that made people rhapsodic and poetic.
(b) Things that made people seem normal.
(c) Things that made people get out of control.
(d) Things that kept people in line.

6. How does John say he treated his son?
(a) He left him to Little Bear.
(b) He ignored him.
(c) He was always trying to get him to go to sleep.
(d) He took him everywhere.

7. What does John say he wished he could do?
(a) Play in a rock band.
(b) Mingle with the people at nightclubs.
(c) Rescue his brother.
(d) Fall in love with a girl.

8. What prank did John pull with a razor?
(a) Making a doorknob dangerous.
(b) Making shaved Formica look like cocaine.
(c) Making cocaine look like plaster.
(d) Smearing butter on the floor.

9. What power did John have through his job?
(a) Arranging the songs.
(b) Taking care of the musicians.
(c) Lighting up the stage.
(d) Recording the performance.

10. How does John characterize his second wife's treatment of him?
(a) Patient.
(b) Demanding.
(c) Submissive.
(d) Abrasive.

11. When was John's son born?
(a) Early 1980s.
(b) Early 1990s.
(c) Mid 1980s.
(d) Late 1980s.

12. What was Chris' emergency?
(a) He wanted to get in touch with their mother.
(b) He needed to know about the family history.
(c) He needed to get away from Dr. Finch.
(d) He wanted to buy new clothes.

13. How does John characterize the exchanges that take place between ordinary people?
(a) Improvised.
(b) Customized.
(c) Intuitive.
(d) Acquired.

14. What tragedy struck John and Little Bear?
(a) John's brother died.
(b) Little Bear's mother died.
(c) Little Bear's brother died.
(d) John's father died.

15. What did John believe about his work at Milton Bradley?
(a) He would become rich.
(b) It would change the world.
(c) He would be famous.
(d) He would be exploited.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was John's nickname for his father?

2. What did John name his toy tractor as a child?

3. What was John's lighting design for the Orlando show?

4. How does John characterize his way of choosing names for people and pets?

5. What skill did John's second wife have that his first wife did not have?

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