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John Elder Robison
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does John say his biology teacher treated him?
(a) He says that the teacher was always inviting him to stay after to talk with him alone.
(b) He says that the teacher was always on his back.
(c) He says that the teacher was always questioning his work, and doubting his answers.
(d) He says that the teacher was always getting him in trouble.

2. What would John Robison do to Doug?
(a) Ignore him.
(b) Make fun of him.
(c) Refuse to respond to him.
(d) Hit him on the ears.

3. What happened to John's mother after she separated from John's father?
(a) She moved away and he never heard from her.
(b) She married another man.
(c) She went back to school for a nursing degree.
(d) She started to date younger women.

4. What didn't John like about the Caribbean?
(a) He was repulsed by the prevalence of drugs.
(b) He missed his family.
(c) He hated the climate.
(d) He missed his familiar foods.

5. How does John describe the change in his father, in chapter 6?
(a) His father was getting more easygoing.
(b) His father was becoming less predictable.
(c) His father was becoming meaner.
(d) His father was turning senile.

6. What happened after Jim gave the firemen this advice?
(a) They used water on the fire, but this only created an explosion.
(b) The firefighting efforts were slowed to a crawl because of the threat of explosives.
(c) The firefighters called for backup.
(d) Firefighters rushed into the building and were injured looking for people.

7. How does John describe Mary?
(a) A thoughtful, patient kid.
(b) A shy, damaged kid.
(c) A fellow Aspergian.
(d) A healthy, outgoing kid.

8. What did Professor Edwards open up to John?
(a) The UMass electronics labs.
(b) The UMass athletic facility.
(c) The UMass fraternity system.
(d) The UMass computer courses.

9. What did John Robison realize he had to work at?
(a) His homework.
(b) His parents' instructions.
(c) His bodily needs.
(d) Responding to other children.

10. How does John characterize his relationship with Mary Trompke at this time?
(a) She was the only good part of his days.
(b) She was actively trying to convince him to change his life but he resisted her.
(c) They were close, but the relationship was troubled.
(d) She wouldn't have anything to do with him.

11. Who is Chuckie?
(a) A girl John Robison liked.
(b) John Robison's teacher.
(c) John Robison's best friend.
(d) A boy John Robison liked.

12. What was preschool like for John Robison?
(a) He refused to go.
(b) He was disliked by the other children.
(c) He was persecuted by his teacher.
(d) He excelled.

13. What does John say he taught himself?
(a) To make unusual insights.
(b) To have a unique perspective on everything.
(c) To react normally.
(d) To protect himself with humor.

14. What made people think that John was a prodigy?
(a) His photographic memory.
(b) His reading.
(c) His musical ability.
(d) His quick sense of humor.

15. What did John fantasize about, in the vehicle in the woods?
(a) Being a race driver.
(b) Being a trucker.
(c) Being a farmer.
(d) Being a combat pilot.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did John Robison feel when he was around other kids?

2. Who took care of John and Chris when their mother was hospitalized?

3. What story did John have to recant?

4. What led to Dr. Finch's license being revoked?

5. Who is Betsy?

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