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Sandra Brown
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What rule did Law break with Marnie in Chapter 16?
(a) Law forgot to use birth control.
(b) Law broke the speed limit to drive her home.
(c) Law gave Marnie illegal drugs to help her sleep.
(d) Law bought David an expensive gift even though he promised Marnie he would not.

2. What does Marnie say when Law tells her he wants to spend quality time with David in Chapter 10?
(a) Marnie tells Law she wants child support for all the years she spent raising David.
(b) Marnie tells Law she will never allow him alone with David again.
(c) Marnie agrees.
(d) Marnie mocks Law, unable to believe he knows what quality time is.

3. What does Law do when Marnie awakens in Chapter 16?
(a) Seduces Marnie.
(b) Makes Marnie breakfast.
(c) Makes Marnie leave.
(d) Makes Marnie brush her teeth.

4. What does Law tell David about his behavior with Sharon that summer seventeen years ago?
(a) That he should be grateful because his disrespect gave David life.
(b) That it was the result of youth and alcohol.
(c) That it was wrong and inexcusable.
(d) That it was all in fun.

5. What does Law give David for his birthday?
(a) A new stereo
(b) A new television
(c) New clothes
(d) A Lotus

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Law believe Marnie needs a man in her life?

2. Who selected David's middle name?

3. Where does Law take David in chapter 12?

4. Why was David's middle name chosen?

5. What is Law's excuse for the extravagant gift he gives David for his birthday?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who takes David to get his driver's license?

2. What does David believe Marnie's relationship with Law is?

3. Where does Marnie go after her mother's death?

4. Why would Marnie's mother write letters to Law?

5. How does Law get Marnie to go to sleep?

6. What does Marnie discover while visiting her mother in the rest home?

7. What does David believe is Law's true reason for hanging around?

8. How does Law claim Marnie has harmed David by not getting married?

9. What does Marnie decide should happen after David discovers the truth about Law?

10. Why does Marnie go to Law's house?

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