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Sandra Brown
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What gift does Marnie's mother give David for his sixteenth birthday?
(a) A video game
(b) A key ring
(c) A car
(d) A computer

2. What does Marnie believe is Law's motivation in buying nice things for David?
(a) Marnie believes Law is trying to steal David's affections because he always needs to be the best.
(b) Marnie feels Law is buying David's affections in order to win in a custody battle.
(c) Marnie believes Law likes spending money.
(d) Marnie believes Law is attempting to buy David's affection in order to hurt Marnie.

3. Why does Law put an end to his party in Chapter 10?
(a) Law is bored and ready to go on to something else.
(b) Law is outraged by how Marnie is treated by one of his pilot friends.
(c) Law does not end the party, he only makes it appear that way to please Marnie.
(d) Law is outraged at the drug use on his property.

4. What does Marnie say when Law tells her he wants to spend quality time with David in Chapter 10?
(a) Marnie tells Law she wants child support for all the years she spent raising David.
(b) Marnie tells Law she will never allow him alone with David again.
(c) Marnie agrees.
(d) Marnie mocks Law, unable to believe he knows what quality time is.

5. In Chapter 11, what does Law tell Marnie she made him see about his friends?
(a) Law says that he now sees how superficial his friends are.
(b) Law says he appreciates his friends all the more now.
(c) Law says Marnie made him see how obsessed with sex his friends are.
(d) Law says Marnie made him see how his friends drink too much.

6. What does Law tell Marnie as he puts her to bed in Chapter 15?
(a) A bedtime story
(b) A story about his heydey in the astronaut program
(c) A story about his childhood
(d) A racy joke

7. What does Law refuse to give up for Marnie in Chapter 17?
(a) David
(b) Other women
(c) Drinking
(d) His career as a pilot and his joy of driving fast

8. What upsets Marnie about the gift Law gives David for his birthday?
(a) It is inappropriate for a child David's age.
(b) It is the wrong color.
(c) It is expensive and he did not talk to her first.
(d) It is cheap and unsafe.

9. What is Marnie afraid of after David learns the truth about his father's identity?
(a) That David will not want Law in his life.
(b) That she will lose David forever.
(c) That she will be alone for the rest of her life.
(d) That David will never forgive her for not telling him sooner.

10. Who does Marnie see coming out of a bedroom at Law's house?
(a) David
(b) Her neighbor
(c) Suzette
(d) Her mother

11. What is Law's excuse for the extravagant gift he gives David for his birthday?
(a) That all boys need a Lotus once in their lives.
(b) That he has sixteen years to make up for.
(c) That he has the money so he should spend it.
(d) That he got caught up in this father stuff.

12. Who excludes Marnie from dinner in Chapter 13?
(a) Law
(b) Marnie herself
(c) David
(d) No one

13. What does Marnie give David for his birthday?
(a) A new television for his room
(b) New clothes
(c) A Lotus
(d) A new stereo

14. What rule did Law break with Marnie in Chapter 16?
(a) Law broke the speed limit to drive her home.
(b) Law gave Marnie illegal drugs to help her sleep.
(c) Law forgot to use birth control.
(d) Law bought David an expensive gift even though he promised Marnie he would not.

15. What excuse does Marnie give in Chapter 17 for allowing Law to seduce her?
(a) A need for human contact
(b) A need for sexual release
(c) She was not awake yet
(d) She thought he was someone else

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does David believe his biological mother is in Chapter 12?

2. How old was Sharon when David was conceived?

3. What conclusion does Marnie come to after her mother's funeral regarding David?

4. What does Marnie stop Venus from eating in Chapter 10?

5. What makes Marnie sad about this item in David's room in Chapter 16?

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