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Sandra Brown
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Did Law know Marnie in the past?
(a) No, Marnie just knows Law because of his celebrity status.
(b) No, they have never met before.
(c) Yes, they are cousins.
(d) Yes, they spent a summer together.

2. What ruined Mr. Hibbs' career as a preacher?
(a) Sharon's death
(b) Marnie's joy of spreading gossip
(c) Sharon's pregnancy
(d) Marnie's fight for custody of David

3. What does Marnie need to buy, but cannot afford for the dinner party?
(a) Jewelry
(b) A new dress
(c) A purse
(d) Shoes

4. Why does Law decide he can no longer have a woman like Suzette waiting for him at home?
(a) Because he has decided brunettes are more fun.
(b) Because it does not fit in with his role as father.
(c) Because he is in training for a new space flight.
(d) Because his mother would not approve.

5. The Tornadoes are ________________
(a) David's football team.
(b) David's baseball team.
(c) David's soccer team.
(d) David's basketball team.

6. Law Kincaid is _________________
(a) an actor.
(b) a famous astronaut.
(c) a musician.
(d) a military pilot.

7. What does David tell Law his school friends think of Marnie?
(a) David says his friends think of Marnie as a second mother.
(b) David says his friends dislike Marnie because of her strict rules.
(c) David says his friends dislike Marnie because she tries to act like them.
(d) David says his friends find Marnie attractive.

8. Who makes instant friends with David in Chapter 6?
(a) Suzette
(b) Law
(c) Mr. Howard
(d) Venus

9. What is Marnie doing when Law arrives?
(a) Working in the garden
(b) Cleaning the house
(c) Working in her art studio
(d) Paying bills

10. What excuse does Law give for asking Marnie to a dinner party so late in the day?
(a) He lost the invitation until that afternoon.
(b) His assistant forgot to tell him about it.
(c) His other date canceled at the last minute.
(d) The idea of David being his son has left him distracted.

11. Who is Mr. Howard?
(a) Marnie's cousin
(b) Marnie's boyfriend
(c) A coworker of Law's
(d) A potential client of Marnie's

12. Where does Law invite Marnie to go in Chapter 7?
(a) To a formal dinner party
(b) To a movie
(c) To a restaurant
(d) To a play

13. Why is Suzette waiting inside Law's house?
(a) She had a neighbor unlock the door.
(b) She lives there.
(c) She broke in.
(d) Law gave her a key.

14. Why is Law skeptical about the possibility that David is his child?
(a) Law has a rule in which he does not date teenagers.
(b) Law does not remember being intimate with Sharon.
(c) Law has a rule in which he always uses protection.
(d) Law does not remember dating Sharon.

15. What does Marnie fail to understand about Law's interest in David?
(a) That Law does not want his son to be an astronaut.
(b) That Law does not have the money to pay child support.
(c) That Law wants to be a father to David for the long haul.
(d) That Law is too busy to spend time with David.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who did David confess to hitting in Chapter 5?

2. What does Law wear to go swimming?

3. For what project is Marnie hoping to get the contract?

4. Who does Law believe David's father is?

5. Who scores the winning point during the game?

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