Long Time Coming Short Essay - Answer Key

Sandra Brown
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1. What brings Law to Marnie's home expectedtly?

Law goes to Marnie's home because of some letters he has received from her address claiming he has a son.

2. Who is Law Kincaid?

Law Kincaid is a celebrity astronaut whom Marnie once knew when she and her sister were teenagers.

3. Who is Marnie Hibbs?

Marnie Hibbs is a freelance artist who is raising a teenage boy on her own.

4. Who is David Hibbs?

David Hibbs is Marnie's son and is Law Kincaid's illegitimate child.

5. What project is Marnie hoping to get the contract to work on?

Marnie is hoping to get the contract to design the cover for the Houston Telephone Directory.

6. Why does Marnie tell David Law came to their home?

Marnie tells David that Law came to their home because Marnie wants to use his likeness in the design for the Houston Telephone Directory's cover.

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