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Sandra Brown
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 12 and 13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Law say when Marnie asks what he plans to do in regards to the test results showing he might be David's father?
(a) Law asks for custody of David.
(b) Nothing, Law has no plans to get to know his son.
(c) Nothing, Law refuses to answer.
(d) Law tells Marnie the test was done incorrectly.

2. What does Law tell David about his behavior with Sharon that summer seventeen years ago?
(a) That it was all in fun.
(b) That he should be grateful because his disrespect gave David life.
(c) That it was wrong and inexcusable.
(d) That it was the result of youth and alcohol.

3. What does Law notice is similar between Suzette and Venus?
(a) They are both an inconvenience.
(b) They have only two legs.
(c) They both have brown eyes.
(d) They are both angry with him.

4. What does Law do after Suzette leaves?
(a) Goes out with another woman
(b) Has dinner alone
(c) Soaks in the hot tub
(d) Goes to bed

5. What does Marnie use to describe her sister's behavior when they were kids?
(a) Generous and giving
(b) Kind and caring
(c) Reckless and self absorbed
(d) Wild and undisciplined

Short Answer Questions

1. Who provided most of David's care from the moment he came home from the hospital?

2. Who chose David's first name?

3. Why was David's middle name chosen?

4. How old was Marnie the summer David was conceived?

5. Who drives Marnie to the rest home?

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