Long Time Coming Character Descriptions

Sandra Brown
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Marnie Hibbs

This person is selfless and has always devoted herself to the care of others. This person is an artist who prefers to work freelance rather than deal with the pressures and time demands of a job in the corporate world. This person has been in love with the same person for seventeen years, and is raising this person's child without this person being aware of it.

Law Kincaid

This person is a celebrity astronaut, a self-centered person who tends to hang out with shallow people and lives only to satisfy pleasures. Through the course of the novel this person begins to grow up, changing a reckless lifestyle to fit the new responsibilities in life.

David Hibbs

This person is an athletic, well-adjusted teenager who has only recently learned the identity of his father. This person is an orphan who has been raised by his maternal aunt...

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