Long Time Coming Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Sandra Brown
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Chapters 1 and 2

• Law Kincaid, an astronaut, shows up unexpectedly at the home of Marnie Hibbs and accuses her of sending him letters regarding a child he supposedly fathered.
• Marnie denies sending the letters and denies having a child, but is proved a liar when her son arrives.
• Law takes his teenage son for a ride in his fancy car and later asks Marnie if he is the boy's father. Marnie admits he is.

Chapters 3 and 4

• Law does not remember having a relationship with Marnie, but remembers her sister. Marnie admits that her sister, Sharon, is David's mother.
• Law is concerned that whoever has been sending him the letters about David could ruin his career. Law realizes that having a son could change his life, especially his social life.
• Marnie lies to David about who Law is, expecting they will never see Law again. However, Marnie is in love...

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