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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What structure is near the well?
(a) The ruin of an old stone wall.
(b) A plane, new and ready to be flown.
(c) An amphitheatre, long out of use.
(d) A ladder which reaches up into the clouds.

2. In the rose garden, the little prince has to face a difficult fact about himself. What is it?
(a) That he made a terrible mistake by leaving his planet.
(b) That he will never be able to love his flower as he wants to.
(c) That the things he thought were so rare and valuable are quite common and small.
(d) That he doesn't care much about his life.

3. How many men does the flower think there are on earth?
(a) Three billion.
(b) Six or seven.
(c) Perhaps 10,000 or more. She is not sure.
(d) Only the pilot.

4. Who hoists the bucket up from the bottom of the well to the surface?
(a) The little prince.
(b) The woman by the well.
(c) The snake.
(d) The pilot.

5. How does the fox define the word "tame"?
(a) It means to eliminate all resistance.
(b) It means to be nice.
(c) It means to break someone down.
(d) It means to establish ties.

6. At what time of day does the pilot find the well?
(a) In the heat of the noon.
(b) At sunset.
(c) In cool midnight.
(d) At daybreak.

7. Why does the pilot think he is dreaming when he finds the well?
(a) It is in a place where no water should be.
(b) Because he cannot touch it.
(c) It does not look like other wells of the Sahara. It is like the well in a village.
(d) It is made of silver and gold.

8. How many flowers does the little prince meet in the desert?
(a) Only one.
(b) On the baobab tree there were three lovely flowers.
(c) About 15. They are all fighting over water.
(d) Hundreds. A vast garden of roses and lilacs.

9. What sound does the well in the desert make?
(a) It moans, like an old weathervane which the wind has long since forgotten.
(b) It sings, like the song of the lark at break of day.
(c) It cries, like a child who is afraid.
(d) It creaks, like the hinge of a door that has never been oiled.

10. How many roses are in the garden that the little prince discovers?
(a) More than ten.
(b) Five thousand.
(c) Three.
(d) Five hundred.

11. When the little prince arrives on the earth, why doesn't he see any people?
(a) He lands in the Sahara desert.
(b) He isn't looking for them.
(c) He falls into the ocean and almost drowns.
(d) Everyone is asleep. It is night.

12. Where does the little prince find the fox?
(a) Under the apple tree.
(b) Chasing some chickens.
(c) In his own imagination.
(d) Eating roses.

13. The little prince wants the fox to play with him. What does the fox say?
(a) "I must be on my way. You are distracting me."
(b) "I cannot play with you. I am not tamed."
(c) "I do not like humans. They are always shooting at me."
(d) "I have too many serious things to do. I have no time to play."

14. How many days have the pilot and little prince been together when the pilot drinks the last of his water supply?
(a) Eight days.
(b) Forty four days.
(c) Two days.
(d) A year and a half.

15. The little prince walks through sand, rock, and snow and at last comes to a road. Where does the road lead him?
(a) The abodes of men.
(b) An airport where he meets the pilot.
(c) Back to where he came from.
(d) To a small cafe, where he is able to get sustenance.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the little prince tell the fox he is looking for?

2. What does the railway switchmen think of children?

3. What is the army of lamplighters on earth compared to?

4. Why is the fox so interested in the little prince's planet?

5. There would be two lamplighters who would be able to rest for most of the year. Where do they live?

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