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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The imagery of water is used in "The Little Prince" to represent the life-giving force, whether it is physical or spiritual. What then does this thirst-quenching pill represent?
(a) The great advances of technology.
(b) Progress in problem solving.
(c) The power of science.
(d) The way we falsely feed our thirst with things that do not give us life.

2. What word is used to describe the great pageant of the lamplighters around the world, taking turns to bring light into the darkness?
(a) Idiotic.
(b) Complicated.
(c) Boring.
(d) Magnificent.

3. Who does the allegorical character of the pill merchant represent?
(a) People who sell us things we don't need.
(b) The physician and his team of nurses.
(c) Wall street brokers.
(d) The pharmaceutical industry.

4. What is the final drawing which the little prince requests from the pilot?
(a) A self-portrait.
(b) A better rendition of the baobab trees.
(c) The desert in moonlight.
(d) A muzzle for the little prince's sheep.

5. On the little prince's planet, who would speak first, himself or his flower?
(a) His flower does not speak.
(b) He has to start every conversation.
(c) His flower is always the first to speak.
(d) They both talk at once, they are so excited about everything.

6. When the pilot sees the snake in Chapter XXVI, what does he do?
(a) Laughs it off.
(b) Goes for his revolver.
(c) Throws stones at it until it slithers away.
(d) Runs for the hills.

7. What does the little prince know about the pilot's engine in Chapter XXVI?
(a) That the pilot has fixed it.
(b) That the snake has stolen the crucial parts.
(c) That it will never run.
(d) That it is going to be a long time before it gets mended.

8. How many roses are in the garden that the little prince discovers?
(a) More than ten.
(b) Three.
(c) Five hundred.
(d) Five thousand.

9. How many flowers does the little prince meet in the desert?
(a) Only one.
(b) Hundreds. A vast garden of roses and lilacs.
(c) On the baobab tree there were three lovely flowers.
(d) About 15. They are all fighting over water.

10. At what time of day does the pilot find the well?
(a) In the heat of the noon.
(b) At daybreak.
(c) In cool midnight.
(d) At sunset.

11. The little prince walks through sand, rock, and snow and at last comes to a road. Where does the road lead him?
(a) Back to where he came from.
(b) The abodes of men.
(c) An airport where he meets the pilot.
(d) To a small cafe, where he is able to get sustenance.

12. Why is the fox so interested in the little prince's planet?
(a) There are no problems there.
(b) There are no hunters there.
(c) Everyone is tame on the little prince's planet.
(d) There is room to roam.

13. Why does the geographer think someone who drinks too much is not a reliable source?
(a) Because he would see double and report two mountains where there was only one.
(b) Because he would forget to come back and give a report to the geographer.
(c) Because he would get lost too often.
(d) Because he would spend all his times in bars and none making maps and observations.

14. How much time per week can a person save by taking the thirst quenching pills?
(a) Fifty-three minutes each week.
(b) A day and a half each week.
(c) Five minutes every hour.
(d) One week per month is saved.

15. What does the flower in the desert know of men?
(a) She knows everything about the world of men for she once lived in a great garden of roses.
(b) She once saw a caravan passing. She believes they were the only men in existence.
(c) She knows only what the snake has told her.
(d) She is afraid to tell the little prince what she knows, so terrifying is her knowledge.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the army of lamplighters on earth compared to?

2. What is unique about the fifth planet, the lamplighter's planet?

3. What does the little prince believe that the desert hides?

4. On his own planet, what does the little prince use the extinct volcano for?

5. Describe the flower which the little prince meets in the desert.

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