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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter XXI.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the little prince tell the fox he is looking for?
(a) A way to go back home.
(b) A way to escape his responsibilities.
(c) Friends.
(d) Answers to life's questions.

2. In the desert, what is the pilot's primary worry?
(a) That he has very little drinking water left.
(b) That nightfall will never come.
(c) That someone will steal his plane.
(d) That the prince is not trustworthy.

3. On the lamplighter's planet, how many strides does it take to circle the planet?
(a) Three strides.
(b) Forty four strides.
(c) None. It is a one-dimensional flat planet.
(d) One long stride and one short stride.

4. What is unique about the fifth planet, the lamplighter's planet?
(a) It is the smallest.
(b) There are so many people running around and singing.
(c) It is made of soft rubber.
(d) It is spinning at an incredible rate.

5. What does the little prince call the red-faced gentleman who is the businessman?
(a) "He should be ashamed of himself!"
(b) "He is a terrible excuse for a human being!"
(c) "He is not a man--he is a mushroom!"
(d) "He clearly has high blood pressure and should soon explode!"

Short Answer Questions

1. On the fifth day that the pilot and the little prince are together, the secret of the little prince's life is revealed. What is that secret?

2. What does Antoine de Saint-Exupery call The Land of Tears"?

3. What is the pilot working on that he thinks will help him get out of the desert?

4. Of all the people the little prince meets on the asteroids, he only likes one. Which one does he think he could be friends with?

5. Where does the little prince find the fox?

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