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The Galaxy

This is the vast place where the whole story happens.

The Planet Earth

This destination has a good reputation.

The Sahara Desert

This place is very dry and snakes live there.

The Prince's Own Small Planet a.k.a Asteroid B-612

This tiny place has two volcanoes which must be cleaned.

The Planet of the Lazy Man Who Was Overrun By Baobabs

This place has been taken over by bushes because no one weeded.

The Well in the Desert

At this place a snake bites a person whose life on earth then ends.

The Box With the Sheep In It

This is a very imaginative drawing by the pilot.

The Rose Garden

This is a place where there are many beautiful things growing.

The Drawing of the Boa Constrictor From the Outside

A six year old drew this, and the adults did not understand what it...

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