The Little Prince Character Descriptions

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The Pilot

When he was young, this character wanted to be an artist, but adults discouraged him.

The Little Prince

This character lives alone on a small planet and takes care of a flower.

The King

This character likes to control and dominate other people.

The Conceited Man

This character demands admiration from other people.

The Tippler

This character escapes his pain by drinking alcohol.

The Business Man

This character is always counting his belongings.

The Lamplighter

This character is a good person, but very simple minded.

The Geographer

This character is very smart, but not at all practical.

The Snake

This character has the ability to poison others.

The Little Flower and the Other Roses

These characters grow in gardens and must be taken care of.

The Fox

This wise character teaches important lessons about friendship.

The Switchman

This character sends passengers traveling this way and that...

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