Lilac Girls: A Novel Short Essay - Answer Key

Martha Hall kelly
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1. What is Caroline’s relationship like with Pia?

Caroline thinks that Pia is a strange young woman. They tease one another and Caroline does not think Pia does her job very well.

2. What is Caroline’s relationship like with Roger?

Roger is Caroline’s boss at the French Consulate. He respects the work that she does, but because she is technically a volunteer he does not see her projects as very important.

3. Describe Caroline’s first impression of Paul.

Paul is very handsome and Caroline cannot help but notice. However, she thinks he is stuck up and she is put off by his sloppy attire.

4. In Chapter 1, Caroline warns Paul not to get too political during his speech. Why is that?

The novel begins in 1939. At this point, America has been avoiding the war and getting involved. Lots of people disagree with this view point.

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