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Martha Hall kelly
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section III - Chapters 17 - 26.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many prisoners are in Ravensbruck?
(a) 45,000 prisoners.
(b) 2,500 prisoners.
(c) 7,000 prisoners.
(d) 20,000 prisoners.

2. What game is everyone playing at the Vanderbilt party in Chapter 18?
(a) Bridge.
(b) Crochet.
(c) Chess.
(d) Badminton.

3. What does Binz make Kasia do to Mrs. Mikelsky's dead body?
(a) She makes Kasia steal her shoes.
(b) She makes Kasia remove her gold fillings.
(c) She makes Kasia shave her head.
(d) She makes Kasia write her number on her chest.

4. What has been built at the camp while Zuzanna and Kasia have been in the Revier?
(a) New quarters for the guards.
(b) A new cell block .
(c) A more powerful electric fence around the camp.
(d) A crematorium.

5. What punishment does Kasia get for making fun of Binz?
(a) Sent to the Bunker for 2 weeks.
(b) She has to stay outside in the cold for three nights in a row.
(c) Whipped.
(d) Clean the toilets.

Short Answer Questions

1. How dose Herta describe Elfriede Suhren?

2. What does Paul ask Caroline to do in his letter in Chapter 10?

3. What does Caroline ask David to help her with?

4. What happens during Appells that allows Kasia and Zuzanna to escape in Chapter 25?

5. What does Regina bring to the Revier?

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