Objects & Places from Lilac Girls: A Novel

Martha Hall kelly
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Lublin, Poland

This is the place where Kasia, Pietrik, and Nadia are from.


This is Herta’s hometown.

New York City

This is where Caroline lives.

The French Consulate

This is the place where Caroline volunteers during and before the war.


This is the concentration camp where Herta works and Kasia is a prisoner.

Beauty Road

This is the road in the camp that the prisoners walk down before they are shot to death.


This is where Kasia and Zuzanna recover after they are liberated from Ravensbruck before they return home.

The Hay

This is Caroline’s home in Connecticut where Zuzanna ends up getting married.

The Movie Theater

This is the location where Zuzanna, Kasia, Pietrik and Martka are arrested.

The Revier

This is the hospital ward of Ravensbruck where Kasia, Zuzanna, Luiza, and the other rabbits are victims of the experimental surgeries.


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