Lilac Girls: A Novel Fun Activities

Martha Hall kelly
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Important Historical Dates in your Lifetime

In Chapter 1, Caroline is out to dinner with Paul when she hears the news for the first time that Hitler has invaded Poland. Kelly writes about this moment in a way that the reader understands its importance. Think about important historical events that have taken place in your lifetime. Write a first-person retelling of this event in such a way that a reader would recognize the severity of the situation and feel as if they were experiencing it first hand.

Write a Poem or Short Story

Imagine that you were a prisoner in Ravensbruck with Kasia. Write a poem or short story about an incident that you witness. It can be about the death of a fellow prisoner, the poor treatment of the guards, the anger or sadness you feel, the conditions of the blocks, or anything you feel passionately about writing...

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