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Martha Hall kelly
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Essay Topic 1

In this novel, Caroline can be seen as a naïve socialite or a hero. Based on evidence from the text develop a thesis that argues for one or the other.

Essay Topic 2

One cannot read this novel without thinking about the current political state in America. Compare the attitudes about immigration in the text to current attitude about immigration in America.

Essay Topic 3

Martha Kelly Hall uses first person point of view to write her novel. Is first person narration the best choice for this novel, or would another narration choice have been more effective? Explain.

Essay Topic 4

In Chapters 5 and 8, Matka uses her ability to speak German and her German heritage to gain special favor with the Nazis. Kasia is outraged by this. What does Matka sacrifice throughout the text to protect her family?

Essay Topic 5

Is Herta a redeemable character? Why or why...

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