Lilac Girls: A Novel Character Descriptions

Martha Hall kelly
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This character is a Polish teenager who spends three years in Ravensbruck, a Nazi concentration camp, as a “political prisoner” and is experimented on as one of the Rabbits.


This character, from Lublin, Poland, is the love interest of one of the Rabbits. After his liberation from a Nazi concentration camp, this character serves as a soldier for the Russian Army. This character's love interest finds him again after the war.


This character is the best friends of one of the Rabbits. She must be hidden when the Germans invade Poland. This character does not survive the war.

Matka (Halina)

This character is the mother of two of the Rabbits. This character serves as a nurse in Ravensbruck, but is eventually killed for trying to smuggle supplies to inmates and trying to get her daughters off of the sergury list as Rabbits.


This character is...

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