The Light in the Forest Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What did the spell that Cuyloga placed on True Son do?

It replaced his white blood with Indian blood, and replaced his white thoughts and meanness with the brave thoughts of Indians.

2. True Son is surprised that he must go with the whites, even though he know that his tribe must give up all white prisoners. Why is he surprised?

True Son has lived for the last seven years as part of a family of the tribe. He has been told that he is a full blood Indian now because of the spell Cuyloga placed on him. He does not see himself as white boy. He sees himself as an Indian boy and an enemy of whites.

3. True Son is humiliated because he hides in attempt to avoid going to the whites. How is he humiliated?

Cuyloga ties True Son up in his cabin and leads him out the next morning with everyone to see. Other tribe members, relatives, and his best friend and cousin, Half Arrow all see his moment of shame.

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