The Light in the Forest Character Descriptions

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True Son/ John Butler

He is the boy who was taken from his white family and adopted by an Indian.

Half Arrow

He is True Son's Indian cousin. He accompanies True Son on the journey to Paxton, easing the transition somewhat by giving him gifts and news from the village.


He is True Son's Indian father.

Henry Butler

He is True Son's biological father.

Myra Butler

She is True Son's white mother.

Wilson Owens

The uncle who passionately hates Indians and tells True Son's white father that his newly reclaimed son will not be cleansed of his pagan Indian ways and warns him to be careful.

Gordie Butler

True Son's younger white brother.

Aunt Kate

She lives with the Butler family and helps care for the invalid Myra.

Del Hardy

The red-haired soldier who can speak the Lenni Lenape language and acts as True Son's guard and...

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