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Chapter 1

• True Son was taken from his white family as a toddler to live as a Lenni Lenape (Delaware) Indian.

• True Son must return to his white family. He does not want to leave the tribe and considers whites his enemy.

• Cuyloga, True Son's Indian father, tracks the hiding True Son and hands him over to the whites.

• True Son vows to kill Del, the guard who saw him cry and laughed at him.

Chapter 2

• Del is a soldier who can translate for True Son.

• Del didn't believe that the Indians would give up their white captives, but they do with much sadness.

• The rescued captives did not want to be rescued, especially True Son, who refuses to eat or admit he is white.

Chapter 3

• True Son decides to kill himself to avoid living with his enemy.

• Half Arrow, True Son's cousin shows up and keeps True Son...

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