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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Milly Hines die?
(a) By taking sleeping pills
(b) Giving birth to Christmas
(c) In a car accident
(d) In a house fire

2. Where does Christmas go when he escapes from jail and where he is eventually killed?
(a) The restaurant
(b) The sawmill
(c) Hightower's house
(d) Miss Burden's house

3. Why does Hightower think he let down the people of Jefferson?
(a) Because he tried to support church leadership instead of tending to the spiritual needs of the people.
(b) Because he wanted to allow Negroes to attend services
(c) Because he was not very high up in his class at the seminary
(d) Because he was not a very good fund raiser

4. Where is Christmas finally able to relax and sleep?
(a) In an abandoned mine
(b) In the wagon of a stranger
(c) In an old cabin
(d) In a ditch

5. What does Hightower learn when he returns to town?
(a) That Byron wants to see Christmas hanged
(b) That Byron has stolen money from his Bible
(c) That Byron has admitted to murdering Miss Burden
(d) That Byron has quit his job and left town without saying goodbye

6. Of what does Hightower think his mother died?
(a) Heart trouble
(b) Malnutrition
(c) Cancer
(d) Diabetes

7. Who does Byron bring to Hightower's house?
(a) Lucas Burch
(b) Mr. and Mrs. Gould
(c) Mr. and Mrs. Hines
(d) Lena's parents

8. Why do the townspeople leave the old couple alone?
(a) Because the old woman talks too much
(b) Because the old couple has a contagious disease
(c) Because the man preaches to Negroes and acts crazy in public
(d) Because the old couple does not want to be bothered

9. Where does the stranger take Christmas?
(a) Jefferson
(b) Memphis
(c) Chicago
(d) Mottstown

10. What does the old man holler out while waiting on the train to Jefferson?
(a) Hellfire and brimstone!
(b) Hell won't have this mess!
(c) Saints be praised!
(d) Bitchery and abomination!

11. What happens after Miss Burden opens up about her family history?
(a) Miss Burden asks Christmas to marry her.
(b) She lets Christmas eat in the kitchen and meet her in her bedroom later.
(c) Christmas makes fun of the woman's version of history.
(d) Christmas gets bored with Miss Burden's cloying presence.

12. What does Hightower understand when he hears the choir's songs emanating from his old church?
(a) That the organ desperately needs tuning
(b) That the songs are chosen for specific reasons
(c) That he does not like the new songs he hears
(d) That the townspeople plan on crucifying Christmas

13. What happens after Byron approaches Brown near the railroad tracks?
(a) The two men struggle and Brown leaps onto a passing train.
(b) Brown agrees to return to town and marry Lena.
(c) The two men struggle and Byron falls onto the train tracks.
(d) Byron pays Brown to leave town.

14. What final horror is inflicted on Christmas before he dies?
(a) He must watch as his grandmother is stabbed.
(b) His throat is slashed.
(c) He is lynched.
(d) Percy Grimm castrates him.

15. Where does Christmas get a job?
(a) At the gas station
(b) At the dry goods store
(c) At the planing mill
(d) At the bus station

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mrs. Hines reveal to Hightower?

2. What does Brown give to the Negro boy in the woods?

3. What does the old woman instinctively know about Christmas without even seeing him?

4. What does Christmas come to understand about women?

5. What does Byron Bunch tell Hightower he is going to do with the cabin on Miss Burden's property?

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