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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do the authorities know where Christmas is hiding?
(a) He is seen running to his hiding place.
(b) Some nosy neighbors call the police.
(c) Jim Brown tells out of vengeance.
(d) Christmas gives himself up.

2. Why does Lena move into the cabin?
(a) She thinks it is Lucas Burch's house.
(b) She is tired and needs a place to rest.
(c) She does not want to return home.
(d) Her baby is due soon and she wants to give her child a home.

3. Why did Hightower's grandfather never visit his son's home?
(a) Because the trip was too far
(b) Because he could not leave his farm
(c) Because his son was an abolitionist
(d) Because he thought letters were sufficient

4. What do the townspeople want to do with Christmas?
(a) Give him a fair trial
(b) Increase his bail
(c) Free him
(d) Lynch him

5. How is Christmas killed?
(a) Grimm's men all open fire through the windows of the building.
(b) Grimm shoots Christmas as he tries to surrender.
(c) Christmas tries to protect Hightower and steps in front of the bullets.
(d) Grimm empties his revolver at Christmas who is hiding behind an overturned table.

6. What does Christmas come to understand about women?
(a) They are all very moody at times.
(b) They are basically the same no matter what their age.
(c) When they finally surrender completely, it is going to be in words.
(d) Some are always going to be good and some are always going to be bad for you.

7. How has Hightower always perceived his parents?
(a) As two ghosts inhabiting the same house
(b) As the best parents a child could ever have
(c) As two people very much in love
(d) As good business partners

8. What does the old woman instinctively know about Christmas without even seeing him?
(a) That he will be hanged for his crime
(b) That he is not capable of murder
(c) That he is a murderer
(d) That he is their grandson

9. To where does Miss Burden make arrangements for Christmas to go?
(a) Florida for a vacation
(b) Back to Chicago
(c) Auto mechanic school
(d) A negro college

10. Who do the townspeople think inspired Christmas to attempt an escape?
(a) Byron
(b) Mrs. Hines
(c) Lena
(d) Hightower

11. What does Hightower learn when he returns to town?
(a) That Byron has stolen money from his Bible
(b) That Byron has quit his job and left town without saying goodbye
(c) That Byron has admitted to murdering Miss Burden
(d) That Byron wants to see Christmas hanged

12. What does the old man holler out while waiting on the train to Jefferson?
(a) Hellfire and brimstone!
(b) Bitchery and abomination!
(c) Saints be praised!
(d) Hell won't have this mess!

13. Who moves into the cabin with Christmas?
(a) Lena Grove
(b) Hightower
(c) Lukas Burch
(d) Byron Brown

14. Christmas finds that Miss Burden's behavior is like that of a what?
(a) whore
(b) preacher's wife
(c) nymphomaniac
(d) virgin

15. What does Mrs. Hines reveal to Hightower?
(a) That she has never been to Jefferson before
(b) That she respects his position in the community
(c) That Christmas is the bastard son of their deceased daughter, Milly
(d) That she would like to lead a choir someday

Short Answer Questions

1. Why do the townspeople virtually ignore Miss Burden?

2. Why does Brown tell Lena he cannot stay at the cabin?

3. What does the deputy tell the sheriff about Lena?

4. What does Christmas trade a black woman for when he is on the run?

5. What favor does Byron ask of Hightower?

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