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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. A negro awakens the sheriff at his home to tell him that a white man has terrorized some black people ____________.
(a) at a bus station
(b) at a restaurant
(c) at church
(d) at the sawmill

2. Who moves into the cabin with Christmas?
(a) Lena Grove
(b) Byron Brown
(c) Lukas Burch
(d) Hightower

3. What does Christmas come to understand about women?
(a) Some are always going to be good and some are always going to be bad for you.
(b) When they finally surrender completely, it is going to be in words.
(c) They are all very moody at times.
(d) They are basically the same no matter what their age.

4. Why does Brown tell Lena he cannot stay at the cabin?
(a) He is very busy with securing the reward funds.
(b) He does not think the child is his.
(c) He does not love her anymore.
(d) He has plans with some friends in town.

5. What are the townspeople eager for over Miss Burden's death?
(a) vengeance
(b) a suspect
(c) a conviction
(d) the process of justice

6. What does the old woman instinctively know about Christmas without even seeing him?
(a) That he is not capable of murder
(b) That he is their grandson
(c) That he is a murderer
(d) That he will be hanged for his crime

7. What does Byron Bunch tell Hightower he is going to do with the cabin on Miss Burden's property?
(a) Use it as a storeroom
(b) Expand the whiskey business
(c) Sell drugs
(d) Move Lena in so she can have her baby in peace

8. How old is Miss Burden when she discovers him stealing food from her house?
(a) Thirty-years old
(b) Twenty-five years old
(c) Fifty-three years old
(d) Forty-one years old

9. To where does Miss Burden make arrangements for Christmas to go?
(a) Florida for a vacation
(b) Back to Chicago
(c) A negro college
(d) Auto mechanic school

10. What does Hightower's grandfather wear during the Civil War?
(a) A minister's frock
(b) A foreign uniform
(c) A plain pair of pants and simple shirt
(d) A business suit

11. Instead of leaving town like the sheriff thinks he will do, what does Byron do that night?
(a) He finishes packing his household goods.
(b) He hides outside the cabin and watches Brown arrive and then leave quickly by the back door.
(c) He goes to the bar to say goodbye to his buddies.
(d) He stays with a friend.

12. What happens to Hightower after the delivery of the baby?
(a) He fights with Byron for bringing him into this situation.
(b) He drops the baby on the floor.
(c) He feels better about himself than he has in a long time.
(d) He collapses in exhaustion.

13. What does Hightower learn when he returns to town?
(a) That Byron has admitted to murdering Miss Burden
(b) That Byron has quit his job and left town without saying goodbye
(c) That Byron wants to see Christmas hanged
(d) That Byron has stolen money from his Bible

14. Who does Byron bring to Hightower's house?
(a) Mr. and Mrs. Gould
(b) Lucas Burch
(c) Lena's parents
(d) Mr. and Mrs. Hines

15. How has Hightower always perceived his parents?
(a) As two people very much in love
(b) As good business partners
(c) As the best parents a child could ever have
(d) As two ghosts inhabiting the same house

Short Answer Questions

1. Of what does Hightower think his mother died?

2. Who is the National Guard soldier who stakes out Christmas with his troops?

3. How do the authorities know where Christmas is hiding?

4. Why do the townspeople leave the old couple alone?

5. Why does Hightower think he let down the people of Jefferson?

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