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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do the authorities know where Christmas is hiding?
(a) Christmas gives himself up.
(b) Jim Brown tells out of vengeance.
(c) He is seen running to his hiding place.
(d) Some nosy neighbors call the police.

2. Where does Christmas go when he escapes from jail and where he is eventually killed?
(a) The sawmill
(b) The restaurant
(c) Miss Burden's house
(d) Hightower's house

3. What happens to Hightower after the delivery of the baby?
(a) He collapses in exhaustion.
(b) He fights with Byron for bringing him into this situation.
(c) He drops the baby on the floor.
(d) He feels better about himself than he has in a long time.

4. Why does Brown tell Lena he cannot stay at the cabin?
(a) He does not think the child is his.
(b) He is very busy with securing the reward funds.
(c) He does not love her anymore.
(d) He has plans with some friends in town.

5. What does Christmas trade a black woman for when he is on the run?
(a) shoes
(b) food
(c) money
(d) a Bible

6. Who do the townspeople think inspired Christmas to attempt an escape?
(a) Lena
(b) Byron
(c) Hightower
(d) Mrs. Hines

7. What does Christmas eat while on the run?
(a) cheese and bread
(b) berries
(c) nuts
(d) rotten fruit and hard corn

8. What does Mrs. Hines reveal to Hightower?
(a) That she has never been to Jefferson before
(b) That she respects his position in the community
(c) That she would like to lead a choir someday
(d) That Christmas is the bastard son of their deceased daughter, Milly

9. Of what does Hightower accuse Byron of doing?
(a) Selling out Christmas to help his pregnant girlfriend's lover get the thousand-dollar reward
(b) Running bootleg whiskey with Christmas
(c) Hiding the whereabouts of Lena's former lover
(d) Initiating an inappropriate relationship with the pregnant Lena

10. What is the name of the old couple who lives in Mottstown?
(a) Mr. and Mrs. Walker
(b) Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson
(c) Mr. and Mrs. Hines
(d) Mr. and Mrs. Bowden

11. Why does Lena move into the cabin?
(a) She thinks it is Lucas Burch's house.
(b) Her baby is due soon and she wants to give her child a home.
(c) She does not want to return home.
(d) She is tired and needs a place to rest.

12. What are the townspeople eager for over Miss Burden's death?
(a) the process of justice
(b) vengeance
(c) a conviction
(d) a suspect

13. Why does Hightower think he let down the people of Jefferson?
(a) Because he was not very high up in his class at the seminary
(b) Because he was not a very good fund raiser
(c) Because he tried to support church leadership instead of tending to the spiritual needs of the people.
(d) Because he wanted to allow Negroes to attend services

14. What does Miss Burden insist that Christmas do every day to prove his faithfulness?
(a) Bring her chocolates
(b) Write her a poem
(c) Pick her some flowers
(d) Check for a love letter in a hollow tree

15. Why does Byron need Hightower to get involved with Christmas' plight?
(a) Because Hightower is still a man of God
(b) Because Hightower is Christmas' gay lover
(c) Because Hightower knows people in high places
(d) Because Hightower is also a lawyer

Short Answer Questions

1. Why do the townspeople leave the old couple alone?

2. The baby's first cry also has a strong emotional release for Byron. Why?

3. Who moves into the cabin with Christmas?

4. How does the relationship between Christmas and Miss Burden evolve?

5. What does Miss Burden leave out for Christmas every Saturday?

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