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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do the authorities know where Christmas is hiding?
(a) Some nosy neighbors call the police.
(b) Christmas gives himself up.
(c) Jim Brown tells out of vengeance.
(d) He is seen running to his hiding place.

2. What does Christmas trade a black woman for when he is on the run?
(a) a Bible
(b) food
(c) money
(d) shoes

3. Who is the National Guard soldier who stakes out Christmas with his troops?
(a) Lucas Burch
(b) Percy Grimm
(c) Calvin Burden
(d) Joe Brown

4. How does Milly Hines die?
(a) By taking sleeping pills
(b) In a house fire
(c) In a car accident
(d) Giving birth to Christmas

5. What does Joe Brown do after the murder?
(a) He shows up in town, idenitifies Christmas as the murderer and claims the reward.
(b) He runs away from town as fast as he can.
(c) He tries to get word to Christmas that the sheriff is looking for him.
(d) He admits to killing Miss Burden.

6. Instead of leaving town like the sheriff thinks he will do, what does Byron do that night?
(a) He finishes packing his household goods.
(b) He stays with a friend.
(c) He goes to the bar to say goodbye to his buddies.
(d) He hides outside the cabin and watches Brown arrive and then leave quickly by the back door.

7. What does Hightower's grandfather wear during the Civil War?
(a) A business suit
(b) A minister's frock
(c) A foreign uniform
(d) A plain pair of pants and simple shirt

8. To where does Miss Burden make arrangements for Christmas to go?
(a) Florida for a vacation
(b) Auto mechanic school
(c) Back to Chicago
(d) A negro college

9. What does Hightower learn when he returns to town?
(a) That Byron wants to see Christmas hanged
(b) That Byron has stolen money from his Bible
(c) That Byron has admitted to murdering Miss Burden
(d) That Byron has quit his job and left town without saying goodbye

10. What happens after Byron approaches Brown near the railroad tracks?
(a) Brown agrees to return to town and marry Lena.
(b) Byron pays Brown to leave town.
(c) The two men struggle and Brown leaps onto a passing train.
(d) The two men struggle and Byron falls onto the train tracks.

11. Why does Byron need Hightower to get involved with Christmas' plight?
(a) Because Hightower is still a man of God
(b) Because Hightower is also a lawyer
(c) Because Hightower is Christmas' gay lover
(d) Because Hightower knows people in high places

12. Why do the townspeople virtually ignore Miss Burden?
(a) Because she associates with Negroes
(b) Because she is more intelligent than any of them
(c) Because she is too eccentric
(d) Because she never married

13. Who moves into the cabin with Christmas?
(a) Byron Brown
(b) Lukas Burch
(c) Hightower
(d) Lena Grove

14. What does Christmas come to understand about women?
(a) They are all very moody at times.
(b) They are basically the same no matter what their age.
(c) When they finally surrender completely, it is going to be in words.
(d) Some are always going to be good and some are always going to be bad for you.

15. How does the fading afternoon light seem to Hightower?
(a) audible
(b) sentimental
(c) sad
(d) rosy

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Byron Bunch tell Hightower he is going to do with the cabin on Miss Burden's property?

2. What does Christmas do on the side without telling Miss Burden?

3. Where does Christmas go when he escapes from jail and where he is eventually killed?

4. How old is Miss Burden when she discovers him stealing food from her house?

5. The baby's first cry also has a strong emotional release for Byron. Why?

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