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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Christmas announce to everyone present?
(a) That he did not mean to hurt his stepfather.
(b) That he and Bobbie are running away.
(c) That he had told McEachern that he would kill him one day.
(d) That Bobbie is not a harlot.

2. Byron tells Hightower that a ______________ discovered the fire at the Burden place yesterday morning.
(a) countryman
(b) lawyer
(c) doctor
(d) traveling salesman

3. What does Christmas do when the horse he is riding back to town runs out of energy?
(a) He rests while the horse rests.
(b) He trots the horse into town.
(c) He walks the horse back to the barn.
(d) He abandons the horse and runs to town.

4. Where does Mr. McEachern find Christmas and Bobbie that night?
(a) At the justice of the peace office
(b) At a dance at a schoolroom in the country
(c) Parked in the woods
(d) At a bar in town

5. Where do Christmas and Brown live?
(a) In a hotel
(b) In a studio apartment
(c) In a rented house
(d) In the cabin on Miss Burden's property

6. What does Mr. McEachern make Christmas do later in the day after the punishment?
(a) He makes Christmas vow that he will do better.
(b) He makes Christmas apologize.
(c) He makes Christmas kneel on the floor by his bed to pray.
(d) He makes Christmas stay in his room for the rest of the weekend.

7. How much time does Byron spend at the mill?
(a) Six days a week
(b) Whatever he feels like
(c) Part-time hours
(d) 40 hours

8. What does Hightower do to supplement his monthly inheritance since he lost his position at the church twenty-five years ago?
(a) He has a landscaping business.
(b) He provides artistic services.
(c) He is a writer.
(d) He does people's taxes.

9. Why does Christmas quit his job at the mill?
(a) He is leaving town.
(b) He is bored with the work at the mill.
(c) He and Brown are partners in the whiskey business.
(d) He got a better offer from another mill.

10. Who has been living in the cabin on the Burden property?
(a) Lena and Joe Christmas
(b) Lena and Joe Brown
(c) Joe Christmas and Joe Brown
(d) Lena and Lucas Burch

11. When Christmas' position in the room is revealed, the dietician accuses him of __________.
(a) hiding
(b) stealing
(c) lying
(d) spying

12. What does Christmas do with the alcohol in the tins?
(a) He pours it onto the ground.
(b) He drinks half and pours the rest on the ground.
(c) He drinks it all.
(d) He drinks half and saves the rest.

13. Who does McKinley think is the father of Lena's baby?
(a) Carlton Howard
(b) Mike Bowers
(c) Larry MacKenzie
(d) Lucas Burch

14. What does Mame tuck into Christmas' pocket?
(a) A map
(b) A gun
(c) A knife
(d) A bank note

15. The story transitions from an eight-year-old Christmas to Christmas at ___________________.
(a) fourteen-years-old
(b) eighteen-years-old
(c) twenty-years-old
(d) ten-years-old

Short Answer Questions

1. Who makes plans to adopt Christmas and take him away from the orphanage?

2. What happens as Christmas comes to in Bobbie's room?

3. Who did Lena live with in Doane's Mill?

4. What does Mrs. McEachern bring Christmas after Mr. McEachern leaves?

5. Why does Christmas feel that something powerful is taking over his body and something irreversible is about to happen?

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