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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Christmas do when he earns some more money?
(a) He goes to a movie.
(b) He buys some girlie magazines.
(c) He takes his friends out drinking.
(d) He returns to the restaurant and pays the waitress the balance of what he owed for his pie and coffee.

2. Why does Mr. McEachern then go to church?
(a) To set up the hymnals for the next day's services
(b) To ask God to rid him of the burden of Christmas.
(c) To ask God for help in raising Christmas
(d) To expiate his sins

3. Who does the dietician approach to exact her revenge on Christmas?
(a) the math teacher
(b) the principal
(c) the school nurse
(d) the janitor

4. What does Christmas do with the waitress?
(a) They go out drinking in another town.
(b) They meet two nights a week to have sex.
(c) They sing in the church choir.
(d) They go to the movies.

5. How much time does Byron spend at the mill?
(a) Six days a week
(b) Part-time hours
(c) 40 hours
(d) Whatever he feels like

6. Why is Christmas attracted to the waitress?
(a) She gives him extra marshmallows for his cocoa.
(b) She has a good sense of humor.
(c) She is small and all the men seem to like her.
(d) She has a great smile.

7. As Byron escorts Lena through the crowd in town talking about the fire, what does he not want Lena to hear?
(a) That Lucas Burch was murdered.
(b) That Joe Christmas was murdered.
(c) That Miss Burden was murdered
(d) That Hightower was murdered.

8. Where did Mrs. Hightower go on Saturday nights?
(a) Memphis
(b) Choir practice
(c) Shopping
(d) Out to dinner

9. Why does Christmas feel that something powerful is taking over his body and something irreversible is about to happen?
(a) Because Miss Burden had been praying over him
(b) Because he is drunk
(c) Because he has a violent temper
(d) Because he is on a new medication

10. What is in the six metal tins which Christmas digs up in a nearby ditch?
(a) vodka
(b) gin
(c) whiskey
(d) rum

11. Whose services does Christmas use many times over the years?
(a) Plumbers
(b) Dry cleaners
(c) Prositutes
(d) Electricians

12. What does Christmas do when he leaves the house?
(a) He runs and runs for fifteen years.
(b) He asks his stepmother for more money.
(c) He goes to the sheriff's office to confess to killing McEachern.
(d) He goes back home to ask for forgiveness.

13. Why is Lena walking down the dusty road?
(a) She is taking a short cut.
(b) She is lost.
(c) She is looking for the father of her child.
(d) She likes to take walks.

14. At whose home does Lena spend the night?
(a) Armstid and his wife, Martha's house
(b) At a rooming house
(c) At a bed and breakfast inn
(d) At the Holiday Inn

15. What does Mr. McEachern see from his bedroom window one night?
(a) The scarecrow in the vegetable garden
(b) Two tramps scavenging for food
(c) Mrs. McEachern walking in the moonlight.
(d) The shadow of Christmas running by to get into an arriving car

Short Answer Questions

1. When Christmas' position in the room is revealed, the dietician accuses him of __________.

2. Why does Byron think that he and Hightower continue to lead such solitary lives?

3. How did Mrs. Hightower die?

4. What does Christmas take from Mrs. McEachern's secret hiding place?

5. Who is the other man who shows up unexpectedly at the mill for a job?

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