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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the other man who shows up unexpectedly at the mill for a job?
(a) Miller
(b) White
(c) Brown
(d) Black

2. Byron takes Lena to a _______________ so she can spend the night.
(a) bed and breakfast
(b) hotel
(c) hostel
(d) boardinghouse

3. What does Hightower do to supplement his monthly inheritance since he lost his position at the church twenty-five years ago?
(a) He has a landscaping business.
(b) He does people's taxes.
(c) He provides artistic services.
(d) He is a writer.

4. What do the men do to Christmas?
(a) They give him a head start.
(b) They let him leave without incident.
(c) They beat him senseless.
(d) They promise not to inform on him.

5. As Byron escorts Lena through the crowd in town talking about the fire, what does he not want Lena to hear?
(a) That Joe Christmas was murdered.
(b) That Hightower was murdered.
(c) That Lucas Burch was murdered.
(d) That Miss Burden was murdered

6. What is Joe Christmas' biggest secret?
(a) He is a thief.
(b) He is a fugitive.
(c) He is part Negro.
(d) He is a bastard.

7. Why does Byron not tell Miss Burden about Christmas and Brown's illegal whiskey business?
(a) Because it is none of her business
(b) Because she is an abolitionist
(c) Because Byron does not like Miss Burden
(d) Because she approves of the whiskey sales

8. Who has been living in the cabin on the Burden property?
(a) Lena and Joe Brown
(b) Lena and Lucas Burch
(c) Lena and Joe Christmas
(d) Joe Christmas and Joe Brown

9. What does Mr. McEachern see from his bedroom window one night?
(a) Two tramps scavenging for food
(b) The shadow of Christmas running by to get into an arriving car
(c) Mrs. McEachern walking in the moonlight.
(d) The scarecrow in the vegetable garden

10. What do the townspeople do after Mrs. Hightower's death?
(a) They send him on a much-needed vacation.
(b) They force Hightower to resign, lock him out of the church and give him momey to relocate.
(c) They tell him to get his act together.
(d) They send him to a sanitorium,

11. Byron tells Hightower that a ______________ discovered the fire at the Burden place yesterday morning.
(a) traveling salesman
(b) doctor
(c) countryman
(d) lawyer

12. What does Christmas take from Mrs. McEachern's secret hiding place?
(a) A deed
(b) Money
(c) Letters
(d) A diary

13. How do the townspeople know that Mrs. Hightower is on the verge of a breakdown?
(a) She refuses to join in Bible study groups.
(b) She has no interest in fundraising drives.
(c) She interrupts her husband's Sunday sermon by standing in the church aisle shrieking at him.
(d) She refuses to go to choir practice.

14. Why do the townspeople think Joe Christmas has committed the murder of Miss Burden?
(a) Because he never has been any good
(b) Because he has murderous eyes
(c) Because he is an itinerant
(d) Because he has Negro blood

15. The story transitions from an eight-year-old Christmas to Christmas at ___________________.
(a) eighteen-years-old
(b) fourteen-years-old
(c) twenty-years-old
(d) ten-years-old

Short Answer Questions

1. Where did Mrs. Hightower go on Saturday nights?

2. What does Christmas do when the horse he is riding back to town runs out of energy?

3. What does Christmas do when he has no money to pay the answer to #112?

4. Whose services does Christmas use many times over the years?

5. What does Christmas do when he asks the waitress out and she wants to return home because she has her monthly period?

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