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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mr. McEachern make Christmas do later in the day after the punishment?
(a) He makes Christmas kneel on the floor by his bed to pray.
(b) He makes Christmas vow that he will do better.
(c) He makes Christmas apologize.
(d) He makes Christmas stay in his room for the rest of the weekend.

2. How many days pass before Christmas is returned to the orphanage?
(a) 2
(b) 3
(c) 5
(d) 7

3. What happens to Lena after she sneaks out of McKinley's house one night?
(a) She gets pregnant.
(b) She goes to a dance.
(c) She goes roller skating.
(d) She studies with a friend.

4. The story transitions from an eight-year-old Christmas to Christmas at ___________________.
(a) eighteen-years-old
(b) twenty-years-old
(c) fourteen-years-old
(d) ten-years-old

5. As Byron escorts Lena through the crowd in town talking about the fire, what does he not want Lena to hear?
(a) That Hightower was murdered.
(b) That Miss Burden was murdered
(c) That Joe Christmas was murdered.
(d) That Lucas Burch was murdered.

6. Why does Christmas decide to sleep in the stables instead of the cabin?
(a) Because his horse is about to give birth
(b) Because he wants to smell the horses which are masculine
(c) Because he has a new horse and wants to stay close to him
(d) Because it is too hot in the cabin

7. How do the townspeople know that Mrs. Hightower is on the verge of a breakdown?
(a) She refuses to join in Bible study groups.
(b) She refuses to go to choir practice.
(c) She has no interest in fundraising drives.
(d) She interrupts her husband's Sunday sermon by standing in the church aisle shrieking at him.

8. Whose services does Christmas use many times over the years?
(a) Electricians
(b) Prositutes
(c) Dry cleaners
(d) Plumbers

9. Where does Lena go the next morning?
(a) She gets a wagon ride to Jefferson.
(b) She tries to get a job at the general store.
(c) She hitches a ride back home.
(d) She takes a train to Atlanta.

10. What does Christmas do with the waitress?
(a) They meet two nights a week to have sex.
(b) They go out drinking in another town.
(c) They go to the movies.
(d) They sing in the church choir.

11. Who tries to prevent the answer to #46 from entering the house to check for survivors?
(a) A neighbor
(b) A drunken man
(c) A policeman
(d) A sheriff's deputy

12. What do the townspeople do after Mrs. Hightower's death?
(a) They tell him to get his act together.
(b) They send him to a sanitorium,
(c) They force Hightower to resign, lock him out of the church and give him momey to relocate.
(d) They send him on a much-needed vacation.

13. Why does Christmas feel that something powerful is taking over his body and something irreversible is about to happen?
(a) Because Miss Burden had been praying over him
(b) Because he has a violent temper
(c) Because he is on a new medication
(d) Because he is drunk

14. What is Joe Christmas' biggest secret?
(a) He is a thief.
(b) He is a fugitive.
(c) He is a bastard.
(d) He is part Negro.

15. This chapter goes back in time to provide the reader with information about events. This technique is called _________________.
(a) flashback
(b) plot reversal
(c) chronological manipulation
(d) timeline redux

Short Answer Questions

1. What are the men in the room discussing?

2. How much older than Lena is McKinley?

3. Who befriends Hightower after twenty years of his seclusion?

4. What does Mr. McEachern want Christmas to do?

5. Why had Hightower wanted to come to Jefferson originally?

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