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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. This chapter goes back in time to provide the reader with information about events. This technique is called _________________.
(a) chronological manipulation
(b) flashback
(c) plot reversal
(d) timeline redux

2. Why has Lena left Doane's Mill?
(a) Because she does not like anybody there.
(b) Because she lost her job.
(c) Because she was evicted.
(d) Because it will soon be a ghost town.

3. What does Christmas take from Mrs. McEachern's secret hiding place?
(a) Letters
(b) A diary
(c) A deed
(d) Money

4. What does Mame tuck into Christmas' pocket?
(a) A bank note
(b) A gun
(c) A map
(d) A knife

5. When Hightower does not leave, who threatens him by beating him unconscious in the woods near his home?
(a) The church elders
(b) The Mafia
(c) A group of thugs
(d) The Ku Klux Klan

6. Why does Byron think that he and Hightower continue to lead such solitary lives?
(a) Because they have had disastrous experiences with women before.
(b) Because they have anti-social personalities
(c) Because they do not like team events.
(d) Because man is more afraid of change than of the troubles he already has experienced and those familiar to him.

7. Where does the janitor take Christmas?
(a) To the movies
(b) To a ballgame
(c) To church
(d) To a different orphanage

8. What does Christmas do instead of having sex with the girl when it is his turn?
(a) He beats her.
(b) He just pretends to have sex with her.
(c) He helps her to get away.
(d) He just talks to her.

9. Byron tells Hightower that a ______________ discovered the fire at the Burden place yesterday morning.
(a) doctor
(b) lawyer
(c) countryman
(d) traveling salesman

10. Why do the two men in the wagon, Armstid and Winterbottom, give Lena a ride?
(a) So she can give them directions
(b) So she can find Lucas
(c) So she can pay them for the ride
(d) So she can rest awhile

11. What happens one day when Christmas is taking some of the answer to #61?
(a) The dietician and her lover enter her room for an amorous encounter.
(b) Christmas breaks a valuable keepsake.
(c) Christmas soils his clothes.
(d) Christmas falls asleep.

12. Why is Christmas attracted to the waitress?
(a) She gives him extra marshmallows for his cocoa.
(b) She has a great smile.
(c) She has a good sense of humor.
(d) She is small and all the men seem to like her.

13. Who befriends Hightower after twenty years of his seclusion?
(a) Byron Bunch
(b) Miss Atkins
(c) Joe Christmas
(d) Lena Grove

14. Who has been living in the cabin on the Burden property?
(a) Joe Christmas and Joe Brown
(b) Lena and Joe Christmas
(c) Lena and Lucas Burch
(d) Lena and Joe Brown

15. Why does Christmas quit his job at the mill?
(a) He is leaving town.
(b) He is bored with the work at the mill.
(c) He and Brown are partners in the whiskey business.
(d) He got a better offer from another mill.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Christmas do with the waitress?

2. Who makes plans to adopt Christmas and take him away from the orphanage?

3. What does Christmas do when he has no money to pay the answer to #112?

4. What does Christmas take from the McEachern house?

5. What does Hightower do to supplement his monthly inheritance since he lost his position at the church twenty-five years ago?

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