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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Byron not tell Miss Burden about Christmas and Brown's illegal whiskey business?
(a) Because she approves of the whiskey sales
(b) Because Byron does not like Miss Burden
(c) Because it is none of her business
(d) Because she is an abolitionist

2. What does Christmas do with the answer to #77?
(a) He accepts the gesture from Mrs. McEachern.
(b) He throws it on the floor.
(c) He makes her set it outside the door.
(d) He refuses the offering.

3. Who does Joe Brown accuse of murdering the answer to #42?
(a) Hightower
(b) Lena Grove
(c) Joe Christmas
(d) Lucas Burch

4. Why was Hightower fired from his ministry position?
(a) Because he took too many vacations
(b) Because he was not technically savvy
(c) Because he lacked the proper credentials
(d) Because of the scandal caused by his wife

5. Why is Lena walking down the dusty road?
(a) She is taking a short cut.
(b) She is lost.
(c) She likes to take walks.
(d) She is looking for the father of her child.

6. Who is the only one who knows that Byron drives all night on Saturdays in order to conduct the choir at a distant country church and then drive home in time to go to work on Mondays?
(a) Former minister Hightower
(b) Christmas
(c) Lucas Burch
(d) Brown

7. Why do the townspeople think Joe Christmas has committed the murder of Miss Burden?
(a) Because he is an itinerant
(b) Because he has Negro blood
(c) Because he never has been any good
(d) Because he has murderous eyes

8. What does Christmas do as he stands underneath Miss Burden's bedroom window?
(a) He serenades her.
(b) He yells obscenities at her.
(c) He strips himself of the undergarment he wears.
(d) He throws rocks at her window.

9. What does Christmas announce to everyone present?
(a) That he and Bobbie are running away.
(b) That he had told McEachern that he would kill him one day.
(c) That he did not mean to hurt his stepfather.
(d) That Bobbie is not a harlot.

10. Why had Hightower wanted to come to Jefferson originally?
(a) Because he had an old college friend living there
(b) Because he liked small towns
(c) Because his grandfather had been killed there during the Civil War
(d) Because it had a nice rectory

11. What does Byron tell Hightower about Lena?
(a) That he told her that she should go back home.
(b) That he told her that she is just looking for trouble by looking for Lucas Burch.
(c) That he told Lena that Joe Brown is the Lucas Burch she seeks.
(d) That he told her that there is no one in town that fits the description of Lucas Burch.

12. What does Christmas take from the McEachern house?
(a) All the money that Mrs. McEachern has hidden
(b) Food for a long trip
(c) Enough clean clothes for a long weekend
(d) His Bible

13. What item in the dietician's bathroom at the orphanage fascinates the five-year-old Christmas?
(a) Talcum powder
(b) Pink toothpaste
(c) Perfume
(d) Makeup

14. Who befriends Hightower after twenty years of his seclusion?
(a) Byron Bunch
(b) Miss Atkins
(c) Lena Grove
(d) Joe Christmas

15. Why does Byron think that he and Hightower continue to lead such solitary lives?
(a) Because man is more afraid of change than of the troubles he already has experienced and those familiar to him.
(b) Because they do not like team events.
(c) Because they have anti-social personalities
(d) Because they have had disastrous experiences with women before.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who did Lena live with in Doane's Mill?

2. What does Christmas do when he realizes that the waitress sleeps with other men for money?

3. How many days pass before Christmas is returned to the orphanage?

4. How does Christmas escape the McEachern house one night?

5. What does Christmas do instead of having sex with the girl when it is his turn?

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