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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What name does the dietician call Christmas?
(a) little rascal
(b) nigger bastard
(c) filthy bastard
(d) stupid brat

2. Where does Mr. McEachern find Christmas and Bobbie that night?
(a) At a dance at a schoolroom in the country
(b) Parked in the woods
(c) At a bar in town
(d) At the justice of the peace office

3. Who befriends Hightower after twenty years of his seclusion?
(a) Byron Bunch
(b) Lena Grove
(c) Miss Atkins
(d) Joe Christmas

4. Who does Joe Brown accuse of murdering the answer to #42?
(a) Joe Christmas
(b) Lena Grove
(c) Hightower
(d) Lucas Burch

5. Joe begins to work very hard at the farm and soon Mr. McEachern gives him a new _________.
(a) heifer
(b) motorcycle
(c) car
(d) Bible

6. Who is Bobbie?
(a) Bobbie is Mrs. McEachern's sister.
(b) Bobbie is the choir leader at church.
(c) Bobbie is a waitress Christmas meets at a rundown restaurant.
(d) Bobbie is the name Christmas gives his new heifer.

7. Where does Hightower now spend all his time?
(a) At the library
(b) In seclusion at his home
(c) In a bar
(d) Fishing

8. What is the demeanor of the answer to #13?
(a) Proud and contemptuous
(b) Easygoing and happy
(c) The life of the party
(d) Intelligent and serious

9. Who is Christmas meeting on this night?
(a) His girlfriend
(b) His drug dealer
(c) His best friend
(d) His real father

10. What does Christmas take from Mrs. McEachern's secret hiding place?
(a) A deed
(b) Letters
(c) Money
(d) A diary

11. What does Mr. McEachern see from his bedroom window one night?
(a) The shadow of Christmas running by to get into an arriving car
(b) The scarecrow in the vegetable garden
(c) Mrs. McEachern walking in the moonlight.
(d) Two tramps scavenging for food

12. What does Christmas announce to everyone present?
(a) That Bobbie is not a harlot.
(b) That he had told McEachern that he would kill him one day.
(c) That he and Bobbie are running away.
(d) That he did not mean to hurt his stepfather.

13. What are the men in the room discussing?
(a) Whether or not Christmas has killed McEachern
(b) What would make McEachern so mad
(c) Whether Bobbie should go with Christmas
(d) Why Christmas loves Bobbie

14. How many days pass before Christmas is returned to the orphanage?
(a) 7
(b) 5
(c) 3
(d) 2

15. What happens one day when Christmas is taking some of the answer to #61?
(a) Christmas breaks a valuable keepsake.
(b) The dietician and her lover enter her room for an amorous encounter.
(c) Christmas soils his clothes.
(d) Christmas falls asleep.

Short Answer Questions

1. Christmas walks into the woods and reaches a point by a small stream where he ___________________.

2. What does Christmas do when he has no money to pay the answer to #112?

3. Who makes plans to adopt Christmas and take him away from the orphanage?

4. How much older than Lena is McKinley?

5. What does Bobbie call Christmas?

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