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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 20.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do the authorities know where Christmas is hiding?
(a) Jim Brown tells out of vengeance.
(b) He is seen running to his hiding place.
(c) Christmas gives himself up.
(d) Some nosy neighbors call the police.

2. What does the old woman instinctively know about Christmas without even seeing him?
(a) That he is their grandson
(b) That he is a murderer
(c) That he is not capable of murder
(d) That he will be hanged for his crime

3. What name does the dietician call Christmas?
(a) stupid brat
(b) little rascal
(c) filthy bastard
(d) nigger bastard

4. What happens to Hightower after the delivery of the baby?
(a) He drops the baby on the floor.
(b) He fights with Byron for bringing him into this situation.
(c) He collapses in exhaustion.
(d) He feels better about himself than he has in a long time.

5. What does Byron do when he returns to town?
(a) Donates all his money to the church
(b) Takes all his money out of the bank
(c) Buys a new suit
(d) Tells his landlady that he is moving

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the relationship between Christmas and Miss Burden evolve?

2. Who tries to prevent the answer to #46 from entering the house to check for survivors?

3. As Byron escorts Lena through the crowd in town talking about the fire, what does he not want Lena to hear?

4. What does Byron tell Hightower has happened at the Burden house?

5. Why did Hightower's grandfather never visit his son's home?

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