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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 18.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the answer to #65 call the dietician's problem with the Christmas situation?
(a) disgusting
(b) sinful
(c) womanfilth
(d) typical

2. What are the townspeople eager for over Miss Burden's death?
(a) a suspect
(b) the process of justice
(c) vengeance
(d) a conviction

3. Why do the townspeople virtually ignore Miss Burden?
(a) Because she associates with Negroes
(b) Because she never married
(c) Because she is more intelligent than any of them
(d) Because she is too eccentric

4. Christmas finds that Miss Burden's behavior is like that of a what?
(a) nymphomaniac
(b) virgin
(c) whore
(d) preacher's wife

5. Mr. McEachern tells Christmas that the name "Christmas" is _________ and the boy will be called McEachern.
(a) too holiday-sounding
(b) heathen
(c) Christian
(d) too seasonal

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Christmas get a job?

2. In the morning, Christmas returns to the cabin and dresses in _____________________.

3. Who does Byron bring to Hightower's house?

4. Where did Mrs. Hightower go on Saturday nights?

5. What do Christmas and Brown call work at the mill after they quit?

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