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Doane's Mill - Doane's Mill is the tiny town in Alabama where Lena lives with her brother. Her cross-country trek to find Lucas Burch is the first trip she has ever taken away from home.

Miss Burden's House - Miss Burden is born and spends her entire life in this large, colonial style home which predates the Civil War.

The Cabin - The slave cabin is on Miss Burden's property and is where she allows Joe Christmas to live once they become lovers.

Jefferson - Jefferson, Mississippi, is a hotbed of racial intolerance. The small town's history is littered with dead bodies of people who have been killed in disagreements about slavery.

Hightower's House - Hightower's house is a private sanctuary to which he retreated twenty-five years before the opening of the story, after being disgraced as a minister.

The Planing Mill - The planing mill in...

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