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Chapter 1

• Lena Grove leaves her Alabama home and arrives in Jefferson, Mississippi, in search of Lucas Burch, the father of her unborn baby.

• Lena is given a ride by two men whose wives take care of her and give her some money.

Chapter 2

• Byron Bunch works at the planing mill in Jefferson.

• Byron recalls that Joe Christmas looked like a vagrant when he came to work at the mill two years ago.

• Another new mill worker, Joe Brown, befriends Christmas.

• Brown and Christmas live in an old cabin on Miss Burden's property outside of town.

• Brown and Christmas sell bootleg whiskey.
• Byron falls in love with Lena the minute he sees her at the mill asking for Lucas.

• Byron tells her that Lucas Burch is the man now called Joe Brown.

Chapter 3

• Gail Hightower used to be a minister in Jefferson but resigned due to pressure from the...

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