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Michael Lewis (author)
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Gutfreund's first love is ______.
(a) Trading.
(b) Philosophizing.
(c) Posing for photo ops.
(d) Managing.

2. According to the book, investment banking candidates are expected to be _______.
(a) Intellectuals.
(b) Culturally literate.
(c) Brash.
(d) Open-minded.

3. The author characterizes the bond trader as a _____.
(a) Rock star.
(b) Cowboy.
(c) Bull.
(d) Warden.

4. Which publication calls John Gutfreund the "King of Wall Street"?
(a) Barron's.
(b) Forbes.
(c) Business Week.
(d) The Wall Street Journal.

5. What does Lewis see as John Gutfreund's "calling card" as he makes his rounds in the trading floor?
(a) Cigar ash.
(b) A slap on the back.
(c) Coffee grounds.
(d) A hand-written note.

6. What is the name stockbrokers give to the day in 1976 when fixed stock brokerage commissions ended?
(a) Black Friday.
(b) Mayday.
(c) A green Christmas.
(d) Blue Monday.

7. A row of Bic fine-point pens in a plastic case in the breast pocket of someone who works on Wall Street is commonly called a _____.
(a) Nerd pack.
(b) Badge of honor.
(c) Platoon.
(d) Cigarette pack.

8. One of the major incentives that legislators create to encourage the borrowing of money is the _____ of mortgage payments.
(a) Variability.
(b) Tax deductibility.
(c) Investment advantage.
(d) Price reduction.

9. Jim Massey is a member of Salomon Brothers executive committee in charge of sales and presides over _____, which directly affects the future of all trainees.
(a) The job placement blackboard.
(b) Paper evaluations.
(c) Testing sites.
(d) The break room surveillance cameras.

10. What ubiquitous part of business attire does Massey conspicuously lack?
(a) A pocket hankie.
(b) A tie.
(c) A gold watch.
(d) Black shoes.

11. The Japanese in the training program are considered _____.
(a) A protected species.
(b) Expendable.
(c) Highly alert.
(d) A ruthless cult.

12. Where does the important dinner that the author is invited to take place?
(a) Tintagel.
(b) Cornwall.
(c) St. James Palace.
(d) Buckingham Palace.

13. More than any other firm on Wall Street, Salomon Brothers is run by _______.
(a) Analysts.
(b) Mutual fund managers.
(c) Corporate finance.
(d) Traders.

14. There are 287 books about bonds in the New York Public Library and most of them are about _____.
(a) Family ties.
(b) Junk Bonds.
(c) A British spy.
(d) Chemistry.

15. Gutfreund's wife, Susan, is spending fifteen million dollars decorating his ______ apartment.
(a) Manhattan.
(b) London
(c) Long Island.
(d) Paris

Short Answer Questions

1. As Lewis observes people in his firm, he finds that just as some people are mean drunks, mortgage traders are mean _____.

2. According to the author, what is Gutfreund's only noticeable affectation when he comes to speak to the trainees?

3. What sort of important dinner is the author invited to attend?

4. William Simon becomes the secretary of the U.S. Treasury under which president?

5. A challenge in Liar's Poker is like saying _______.

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