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Short Answer Questions

1. Who writes love letters to La Beale Isoud after she and Tristram get back together?

2. Who does Merlin predict Lancelot will kill?

3. Why doesn't Launcelot want to fight Gareth?

4. Who is the baby that Melodias and his wife have?

5. Why is Arthur's opponent so powerful against Arthur?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does the bearer of the sword predict after Balin pulls the sword from the scabbard? What is Arthur's reaction?

2. What do Margawse and Lots' four sons do to Lamerak?

3. When Uther dies, the Archbishop of Canterbury is responsible for naming the next King of England. What does he propose the kingdom do to find the king? Does he know that Uther has already chosen Arthur as his heir?

4. What does Morgan le Fay's shield portray on it? Why does Launcelot fight with it?

5. How do Launcelot and Guenever try to cover rumors of their love affair?

6. What sin does Percivale commit after he was saved by Galahad? What does the sin represent?

7. What does Gawaine dream of and what does the dream mean?

8. Why is King Evelake so old? How old is he?

9. What is the Knights Code?

10. What is Arthur's response to the Lady of the Lake? What happens to Balin?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What is your opinion on how Arthur died? Was it noble enough? Was in anti-climatic?

Essay Topic 2

Think about all the other societal pressures in Camelot. Love, marriage, the meaning of a name, being a good knight, a good fighter etc. Name one unnecessary pressure that you think the people of Camelot could have done without. How would eliminating just one pressure make Camelot a better place?

Essay Topic 3

Pretending to be someone a person is not is an recurrent theme in this book. Do hidden identities really make it easier for a person to exist in Camelot? If a person's goal in Camelot is to be accepted by society and get into heaven, then how does being someone else help that goal? Think about Gareth, Launcelot, and Tristram in your response.

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