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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who ambushes the Queen when she is out for a spring outing in the forest with ten of her knights?
(a) Bors.
(b) Launcelot, whom tries to kidnap her.
(c) Meliagraunce, a man who has long loved her.
(d) Gawaine.

2. How does Arthur react to the situation?
(a) He kills anyone who accuses his wife of murder.
(b) He says she cannot be tried because she is his wife.
(c) He does not help his wife because he believes everyone should be treated equally.
(d) He sends her away to protect her.

3. Why did his actions cause him to fail his virtue test?
(a) Because he was told to rely on God more than his sword.
(b) Because he knew he wasn't strong enough to fight but was arrogant in trying.
(c) Because he didn't follow direct orders.
(d) Because he would have almost killed an innocent person.

4. What will happen if the Grail appears in Camelot?
(a) The Roundtable will become stronger.
(b) The Roundtable will be destroyed.
(c) Merlin will disappear.
(d) Arthur will lose his throne.

5. Who does Gawaine meet with to discuss his quest?
(a) He meets with Arthur.
(b) He meets with Ector.
(c) He meets with his mother.
(d) He meets with Galahad.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Lancelot meet?

2. Who plots against Launcelot and Guenever?

3. What object appears in the river?

4. Who does Lionel murder?

5. How is Galahad portrayed?

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