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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does La Cote Male Taile prove he is worthy of knighthood?
(a) He protects Guenever from another knight.
(b) He write a good story.
(c) He wins a duel.
(d) He protects Guenever from a loose lion.

2. Who is Andred?
(a) Tristram's uncle.
(b) Tristram's nephew.
(c) Tristram's brother.
(d) Tristram's evil cousin.

3. Who is the man that Launcelot kills at the bridge?
(a) The King of the Lake.
(b) A mighty sorcerer.
(c) The porter of the castle.
(d) The owner of the castle.

4. Who or what does Launcelot battle to free the ladies inside of castle Tintagel?
(a) Three lions.
(b) A giant with four clubs.
(c) Two men that are half horse.
(d) Two giants with two clubs each.

5. How does the Round Table achieve political gain?
(a) It keeps Arthur and Merlin in power through war.
(b) It brings together people from all over the world to serve in the council.
(c) It brings together.
(d) It provides an army against bad people.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Arthur find the truth about who Margawse is?

2. Who plots to kill Pellinore?

3. From where are the twelve ambassadors that come to ask Arthur for money and allegiance?

4. Why doesn't Pellinore help the damsel in distress in book three?

5. Who do the Knights fight that made the towns in France and Italy scared?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Arthur go to Rome?

2. What does Melodias do when he finds out about the woman's plot?

3. Who is Melodias and what happens to him and his family?

4. Why is King Evelake so old? How old is he?

5. What appears at the river? To whom does the object belong?

6. Gawaine gets into some trouble in the forest and ends up killing a knight. What is his punishment and why is he not punished more severely?

7. When does Launcelot rename La Cote Male Taile, and what name does he give him?

8. Who is blamed for the fall of Camelot and why?

9. What do Margawse and Lots' four sons do to Lamerak?

10. What favor does the Lady of the Lake want from Arthur?

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