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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Pellinore do when his horse is killed?
(a) He kills the knight who killed his horse and gets a new horse from the second knight.
(b) He kills both men.
(c) He runs and hides in the bushes.
(d) He takes another man's horse.

2. What happens after the beheaded knight is cured?
(a) He becomes paralyzed.
(b) He tries to kill Gareth again.
(c) He bleeds out and dies.
(d) He leaves Camelot and hides forever.

3. How does Tor become a knight?
(a) Tor fights another knight in the woods and is knighted when it turns up that the knight was evil.
(b) His father sends him to the court. Then the court finds out that he is King Pellinore's son.
(c) Tor asks Arthur if he can join the Round Table.
(d) He enters in a jousting match and wins.

4. Why is Lanceor jealous of Balin?
(a) Lanceor is jealous because Balin is with the woman Lanceor loves.
(b) Because Balin is allowed to sit at the Round Table and Lanceor is not.
(c) Lanceor is jealous because Balin wins the sword.
(d) Because Balin is a better knight.

5. Why is Arthur's opponent so powerful against Arthur?
(a) He is stronger because he has Excalibur.
(b) The opponent is a better fighter.
(c) The opponent is under a spell.
(d) He is stronger because he drank a potion.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the queen learn Tristram is the one who killed her brother?

2. Who heals Tristram?

3. Who does Beaumains want to knight him?

4. What does La Cote Male Taile mean?

5. Does Gareth let the beheaded knight go?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who is Melodias and what happens to him and his family?

2. Who does Launcelot encounter in the Chapel? What does this person want from him?

3. What does it mean when Arthur is able to pull out the sword from the stone?

4. How has Merlin's power and stance in Camelot changed?

5. How do Launcelot and Guenever try to cover rumors of their love affair?

6. What does the Lady of the Lake do to Merlin?

7. How many men does Lancelot have to fight the Roman's 60,000 men army? What is result of the fight?

8. How to people perceive Joseph of Arimathea?

9. What does the bearer of the sword predict after Balin pulls the sword from the scabbard? What is Arthur's reaction?

10. Why is Tor given land and an earldom?

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