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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. From what does the good maiden advise him to stay away?
(a) Meat and water.
(b) Meat and wine.
(c) Water and honey.
(d) Beer and nuts.

2. Who saves Percivale from dying?
(a) Guenever.
(b) Galahad.
(c) Gawaine.
(d) Arthur.

3. Who translates a disturbing vision that he has had?
(a) Merlin.
(b) The owner of the Castle into which he has wandered.
(c) A good maiden.
(d) An evil witch.

4. Who does Gawaine meet with to discuss his quest?
(a) He meets with his mother.
(b) He meets with Ector.
(c) He meets with Galahad.
(d) He meets with Arthur.

5. Who do the Knights blame for the poisoning?
(a) They think the servants did it since Patrise was a mean person.
(b) Everyone thinks that Merlin was trying to kill off Patrise.
(c) They all blame Guenever since she is the one who threw the party.
(d) Everyone thinks Launcelot is behind the poisoned apple because of the rumors.

6. When Lancelot is declared missing, who goes to find him?
(a) Gawaine.
(b) Galahad and Percivale.
(c) Merlin.
(d) Percivale and Aglovale.

7. What does the Lion in Percivale's dream mean?
(a) It is the justness and fairness inside of him.
(b) It is the evil inside of him.
(c) Something bad will happen soon.
(d) The ressurected Lord.

8. What does he find on the ship?
(a) His enemies ready to kill him.
(b) A book of legends.
(c) A sword that can maim if just touched.
(d) A lion.

9. Of what does Meliagraunce accuse the queen?
(a) He accuses her of spreading the plague.
(b) He accuses her of murder
(c) He accuses her of treason.
(d) He accuses her of being a bad cook.

10. What kind of miracles occurred at King Relles castle?
(a) Gold and silver.
(b) Women and dancing.
(c) Everyone's ailments were cured.
(d) Food and drinks for four nights appeared.

11. Who starts spreading rumors about Launcelot and Guevener?
(a) The servents in the court.
(b) Sir Brasias.
(c) Sir Agravaine.
(d) The other ladies in the court.

12. What object appears in the river?
(a) A sword encased in stone.
(b) A treasure box filled with gold.
(c) A boat filled with treasure.
(d) An enchanced mirror.

13. Who ambushes the Queen when she is out for a spring outing in the forest with ten of her knights?
(a) Launcelot, whom tries to kidnap her.
(b) Bors.
(c) Gawaine.
(d) Meliagraunce, a man who has long loved her.

14. What role does Merlin possess?
(a) Religious and spiritual role.
(b) A domineering and commanding role.
(c) A harsh, hawkish and evil role.
(d) A soft and dovish role.

15. How does Galahad fail his virtue test?
(a) He fails by not responding to a threat.
(b) He fails by initiating an attack on an innocent person.
(c) He fails by drawing his sword irresponsibly.
(d) He fails by sleeping with a woman.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens at the dinner?

2. What does Guenever request for the wounded knights?

3. To whom has Lancelot been ungrateful?

4. What is their main complaint in life?

5. Wat do the black bulls represent in the dream?

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