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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the Lion in Percivale's dream mean?
(a) It is the justness and fairness inside of him.
(b) It is the evil inside of him.
(c) The ressurected Lord.
(d) Something bad will happen soon.

2. About what does Gawaine dream?
(a) 100 boats.
(b) 150 bulls.
(c) 100 Knights.
(d) 150 birds.

3. How does Arthur react to the accusation?
(a) He doesnt believe it but agrees to set a trap anyway.
(b) He doesn't believe the accusation and does nothing.
(c) He kills Gawaine for spreading rumors about his wife.
(d) He gets angry and sets out to kill Launcelot.

4. What does Guevener do to show she loves all the Knights equally?
(a) She invites them to the castle for a play.
(b) She gives them jewels and gold.
(c) She gets them all new armor.
(d) She invites them over for a nice dinner.

5. What is Guenever's fate?
(a) She is pardoned.
(b) She is killed immediately.
(c) She is put in probation.
(d) She is sentenced to death for causing 13 knights to die.

6. What role does Merlin possess?
(a) A harsh, hawkish and evil role.
(b) Religious and spiritual role.
(c) A soft and dovish role.
(d) A domineering and commanding role.

7. Who does Lancelot meet?
(a) Percivale.
(b) Gawaine.
(c) His son, Galahad.
(d) Aglovale.

8. What degree of separation are Lancelot and Galahad?
(a) 8th and 9th degree.
(b) 8th and 10th degree.
(c) 1st and 3rd degree.
(d) 1st and 2nd degree.

9. What does Gweneviere do when she finds out about Galahad?
(a) She throws Lancelot out of the Roundtable.
(b) She has Galahad and Lancelot killed.
(c) She adopts Galahad as her own.
(d) She has Galahad killed.

10. Where does the lady on horseback take Lancelot?
(a) She takes him to her castle.
(b) She takes him into the forest.
(c) She takes him to a lake.
(d) She takes him to a nunnery.

11. Why is there blood in the Queens bed the next morning?
(a) The queen was pregnant and miscarried.
(b) Launcelot broke through iron bars to her window and cut his hand.
(c) The queen had a cut on her arm from the earlier battler.
(d) It wasn't blood, but red wine.

12. Who ends up eating the apple?
(a) Patrise eats the apple and dies.
(b) Pinel loses the apple.
(c) Sir Agravaine eats the apple.
(d) Guenever eats the apple.

13. What is Percivale's greatest sin?
(a) Having kissed a married woman.
(b) Having stolen from his parents.
(c) Having had sex with a virgin.
(d) Having killed an innocent man.

14. What is their main complaint in life?
(a) They have no wives.
(b) They have no time to do anything.
(c) That they have no adventure.
(d) They hate their jobs.

15. Who are Galahad's parents?
(a) Morgan le Fay and Arthur.
(b) Morgan le Fat and Lancelot.
(c) Lancelot and Elaine.
(d) Elaine and Gawaine.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Galahad fail his virtue test?

2. How does Arthur feel about the Knights leaving?

3. Who does Gawaine meet with to discuss his quest?

4. Of what does Meliagraunce accuse the queen?

5. What does he find on the ship?

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