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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does the lady on horseback take Lancelot?
(a) She takes him into the forest.
(b) She takes him to her castle.
(c) She takes him to a nunnery.
(d) She takes him to a lake.

2. Who ends up eating the apple?
(a) Sir Agravaine eats the apple.
(b) Patrise eats the apple and dies.
(c) Guenever eats the apple.
(d) Pinel loses the apple.

3. Why did his actions cause him to fail his virtue test?
(a) Because he would have almost killed an innocent person.
(b) Because he was told to rely on God more than his sword.
(c) Because he didn't follow direct orders.
(d) Because he knew he wasn't strong enough to fight but was arrogant in trying.

4. What is Percivale's greatest sin?
(a) Having kissed a married woman.
(b) Having had sex with a virgin.
(c) Having killed an innocent man.
(d) Having stolen from his parents.

5. Who saves Percivale from dying?
(a) Galahad.
(b) Arthur.
(c) Gawaine.
(d) Guenever.

6. After Launcelot and Guenever are caught, what does Launcelot tell her to do?
(a) He tells her to live in the woods.
(b) Launcelot tells the Queen to get with Bors, Lavaine or Urre if he is killed.
(c) He tells the Queen to run away and never go back to the Kingdom.
(d) He tells her to beg forgiveness so she won't be burned at the stake.

7. What role does Merlin possess?
(a) A soft and dovish role.
(b) A harsh, hawkish and evil role.
(c) Religious and spiritual role.
(d) A domineering and commanding role.

8. How does Arthur react to the situation?
(a) He says she cannot be tried because she is his wife.
(b) He sends her away to protect her.
(c) He does not help his wife because he believes everyone should be treated equally.
(d) He kills anyone who accuses his wife of murder.

9. What does Lancelot's hair shirt represent?
(a) A reminder tonever kill another man.
(b) A reminder to be humble and to not sin.
(c) A reminder to always brush his teeth.
(d) A reminder to be a good husband.

10. Who takes Percivale to the ship?
(a) Percivale's sister.
(b) Percivale.
(c) Sir Bors.
(d) The Queen.

11. What object appears in the river?
(a) An enchanced mirror.
(b) A sword encased in stone.
(c) A treasure box filled with gold.
(d) A boat filled with treasure.

12. What does he find on the ship?
(a) A sword that can maim if just touched.
(b) His enemies ready to kill him.
(c) A book of legends.
(d) A lion.

13. How old is King Evelake?
(a) 50 years old.
(b) 300 years old.
(c) 85 years old.
(d) 100 years old.

14. What kind of miracles occurred at King Relles castle?
(a) Everyone's ailments were cured.
(b) Women and dancing.
(c) Food and drinks for four nights appeared.
(d) Gold and silver.

15. What does Gweneviere do when she finds out about Galahad?
(a) She has Galahad killed.
(b) She throws Lancelot out of the Roundtable.
(c) She has Galahad and Lancelot killed.
(d) She adopts Galahad as her own.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Guenever request for the wounded knights?

2. Who ambushes the Queen when she is out for a spring outing in the forest with ten of her knights?

3. What is Guevener's reaction to Launcelot?

4. What does the Queen do to protect her knights?

5. Who are Galahad's parents?

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