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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the queen learn Tristram is the one who killed her brother?
(a) She recognizes him from the battle.
(b) She asks him where he was during that fight.
(c) He slips and mentions it.
(d) She sees a missing fragment from his sword that she kept from the battle.

2. Who threatens Arthur's life on a hunting adventure?
(a) La Beale Isoud.
(b) Guenever.
(c) Annowre.
(d) The lady of the lake.

3. What does Sir Sadok do to Mark?
(a) Kills four of his sons.
(b) Kills four of his nephews.
(c) Kills his wife.
(d) Kills four of his daughters.

4. What does Pellinore do when his horse is killed?
(a) He kills the knight who killed his horse and gets a new horse from the second knight.
(b) He takes another man's horse.
(c) He kills both men.
(d) He runs and hides in the bushes.

5. Who is the man that Launcelot kills at the bridge?
(a) The porter of the castle.
(b) A mighty sorcerer.
(c) The King of the Lake.
(d) The owner of the castle.

6. What does La Cote Male Taile mean?
(a) The evil man.
(b) The evil tails.
(c) The badly shapen coat.
(d) The bad tailor.

7. How does Arthur find the truth about who Margawse is?
(a) He finds out from one of the knights.
(b) He sends for her mother.
(c) He asks Merlin.
(d) He asks her.

8. What does the Lady of the Lake desire from Arthur?
(a) She wants him to marry her.
(b) She wants to become mortal.
(c) She wants the sword for herself.
(d) She wants him to kill Balin.

9. Why does Igraine agree to sleep with Uther?
(a) She agrees because he is disguised as her husband.
(b) She wants to have another baby.
(c) She agrees because they've had a long affair.
(d) She is attracted to him.

10. Why does Turquine hate Launcelot?
(a) Turquine hates him because he slept with his mother.
(b) Tuirquine hates Launcelot because he killed his brother.
(c) Turquine hates him because he is a better Knight.
(d) Turquine hates Launcelot because he took his girlfriend.

11. Who does Merlin predict Lancelot will kill?
(a) Balin.
(b) Gawaine.
(c) Balan.
(d) Arhtur.

12. What is so special about the scabbard of the sword?
(a) It is a family heirloom.
(b) It keeps the sword together.
(c) It is a present from his father.
(d) It keeps Arthur from bleeding.

13. How does Linet cure the knight who was beheaded?
(a) He wraps cloth around it tightly.
(b) He magically seals the head back with an ointment.
(c) He sews it back on with a needle and twine.
(d) He bolts it together with iron rods.

14. What does Morgan le Fay send to Arthur as an apology?
(a) She sends a handwritten note.
(b) She does not send anything, rather curses him for his win.
(c) She sends him a cloak with precious stones.
(d) She sends him a chalice.

15. How many kings entered banded together to fight Arthur's rise to the throne?
(a) There is only one that contests him.
(b) There are six kings.
(c) There are ten kings.
(d) There are two kings

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the opponent's fate after attacking Arthur?

2. What does Arthur dream of when he is aboard a ship headed to Rome?

3. What is the child Mordred's fate?

4. Who does Launcelot kiss while he is resting in the pavilion?

5. Who writes love letters to La Beale Isoud after she and Tristram get back together?

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