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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is the dream interpreted?
(a) The dwarf says that they will be successful, but Arthur will die.
(b) The dwarf tells Arthur that Camelot will lose the battle.
(c) The dwarf is stumped and doesn't know what to make of the dream.
(d) The beautiful creature is Camelot and the ugly creature is Rome.

2. Why is Lanceor jealous of Balin?
(a) Lanceor is jealous because Balin is with the woman Lanceor loves.
(b) Because Balin is allowed to sit at the Round Table and Lanceor is not.
(c) Lanceor is jealous because Balin wins the sword.
(d) Because Balin is a better knight.

3. Why doesn't Pellinore help the damsel in distress in book three?
(a) He does not see her.
(b) He does not know her.
(c) He is in too much of a hurry to help her.
(d) He knows her and wants her dead.

4. Who is Beloberis, and what does he want from King Mark.
(a) He wants forgiveness and to enter the court.
(b) He wants to fight the king.
(c) He wants the most beautiful woman in the court, Sir Segwarides' wife.
(d) Beloberis desires money and treasure.

5. Who is Andred?
(a) Tristram's evil cousin.
(b) Tristram's brother.
(c) Tristram's uncle.
(d) Tristram's nephew.

6. From where are the twelve ambassadors that come to ask Arthur for money and allegiance?
(a) The Vatican.
(b) China.
(c) Rome.
(d) Spain.

7. Who does Beaumains want to knight him?
(a) Sir Kay.
(b) Arthur.
(c) Merlin.
(d) Launcelot.

8. About which knights does Merlin make propheciest?
(a) Lancelot and Tristam.
(b) Lancelot and Balin.
(c) Tristam and Morgan le Fay.
(d) Nero and Lancelot.

9. With whom does La Cote Male Taile fall in love?
(a) Guenever.
(b) Maledisant.
(c) Morgan.
(d) La Beale Isoud.

10. What type of creature does Arthur do battle with once he is on land?
(a) A smurf.
(b) A leviathan.
(c) A gremlin.
(d) A giant.

11. Who threatens Arthur's life on a hunting adventure?
(a) Guenever.
(b) Annowre.
(c) The lady of the lake.
(d) La Beale Isoud.

12. What does Sir Kay name the man that has asked for three gifts?
(a) Bellis because he has a soft voice like bells.
(b) Banter because he talks too much.
(c) Bermuda, after the triangle.
(d) Beaumains, which means fair hands.

13. How does Linet cure the knight who was beheaded?
(a) He magically seals the head back with an ointment.
(b) He wraps cloth around it tightly.
(c) He bolts it together with iron rods.
(d) He sews it back on with a needle and twine.

14. Why does Igraine agree to sleep with Uther?
(a) She is attracted to him.
(b) She agrees because they've had a long affair.
(c) She agrees because he is disguised as her husband.
(d) She wants to have another baby.

15. In this chapter, the quest for what is mentioned?
(a) The Trinity.
(b) Excalibur.
(c) The Holy Grail.
(d) Morgan le Fay.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Gawaine jealous of Gareth?

2. Why does the lodge owner throw Tristram into jail?

3. What is inside the ship that Arthur, Uriens and Accolon discover?

4. Does Gareth let the beheaded knight go?

5. What does Andred tell King Mark and Isoud about Tristram?

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