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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who do the Knights fight that made the towns in France and Italy scared?
(a) The Saracens.
(b) The Chinese.
(c) The Romans.
(d) The Grecians.

2. Who is La Cote Male Taile?
(a) A young man who tries to steal food from the court.
(b) An older man who is looking for Arthur.
(c) An evil man who wants to kill Arthur.
(d) A young man who goes to Arthur to become a knight.

3. After Pellinore lets the woman die, where is he taken?
(a) He goes to Arthur to tell him what has happened.
(b) He is banished from Camelot.
(c) He is taken home.
(d) He is taken to a fight between two knights.

4. Why is Gawaine jealous of Gareth?
(a) Because he had nice hair.
(b) Because Gareth's lady is very beautiful.
(c) Because Gareth is a better fighter.
(d) Because Launcelot is pleased to see Gareth.

5. Why does Turquine hate Launcelot?
(a) Tuirquine hates Launcelot because he killed his brother.
(b) Turquine hates him because he is a better Knight.
(c) Turquine hates Launcelot because he took his girlfriend.
(d) Turquine hates him because he slept with his mother.

6. Does he give the ambassadors the money they ask for?
(a) No he does not.
(b) He does so immediately.
(c) He waits until they prove their loyalty.
(d) Yes he does, but with very strict conditions, and with interest.

7. The Lady of the Lake does not trust the gift that Morgan le Fay has sent. What does she advise Arthur to do?
(a) She does not interfere.
(b) She tells Arthur to throw the gift away.
(c) She tells Arthur to give the gift away.
(d) She tells Arthur to make Morgan apply the gift to herself and she is poisoned.

8. Why doesn't Launcelot want to fight Gareth?
(a) Launcelot thinks Gareth is not worth his time.
(b) Launcelot is tired and wants Gareth to win because he's fighting for love.
(c) Launcelot knows he can kill him and doesnt want to.
(d) Launcelot is scared he will lose to Gareth.

9. Does Merlin believe Balin's claim that the Lady of the Lake is evil?
(a) Yes he does, but does not tell Arthur.
(b) No he does not and requests to have Balin killed.
(c) No he does not.
(d) Yes he does and explains why to Arthur.

10. Who heals Tristram?
(a) Merlin.
(b) La Beale Isoud.
(c) Morgan le Fay.
(d) The King of France's wife.

11. About which knights does Merlin make propheciest?
(a) Tristam and Morgan le Fay.
(b) Lancelot and Tristam.
(c) Lancelot and Balin.
(d) Nero and Lancelot.

12. What does Sir Kay name the man that has asked for three gifts?
(a) Banter because he talks too much.
(b) Bermuda, after the triangle.
(c) Bellis because he has a soft voice like bells.
(d) Beaumains, which means fair hands.

13. With whom does La Cote Male Taile fall in love?
(a) Guenever.
(b) La Beale Isoud.
(c) Maledisant.
(d) Morgan.

14. What is so special about the scabbard of the sword?
(a) It is a family heirloom.
(b) It keeps the sword together.
(c) It is a present from his father.
(d) It keeps Arthur from bleeding.

15. From where are the twelve ambassadors that come to ask Arthur for money and allegiance?
(a) Rome.
(b) Spain.
(c) The Vatican.
(d) China.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the queen learn Tristram is the one who killed her brother?

2. What does King Anguis want of King Mark of Cornwall?

3. What are the letters of gold?

4. Who is the person that frees Launcelot?

5. How does Arthur find the truth about who Margawse is?

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