Le Morte d'Arthur Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Book 1

• King Uther tricks Duchess Igraine to sleep with him and Arthur is conceived.

• Arthur pulls the sword Excalibur from a stone, proving he is the rightful King of England.

Book 2

• Arthur proves he is worthy of being King by going into his first battle and winning.

• The Lady of the Lake asks Arthur to kill one of his own knight's to avenge a death.

• The Quest for the Holy Grail is first discussed.

• A required joust takes place where Balin and Balan, two brothers, kill one another.

Book 3

• Arthur marries Guenever and her father presents him with the Round Table, along with one hundred knights.

• Arthur swears in all the knights into the fellowship of the Round Table.

Book 4

• Merlin falls in love with the Lady of the Lake who casts a spell on him.

• Five kings tear through Camelot and Arthur and his Knights kill them...

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